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Container Plants with Tons of Texture

Just as a landscape needs a variety of textures, so too does the miniature landscape of a container plant.

Novice gardeners sometimes try to avoid a boring container design by using a multitude of colors, but this approach can easily backfire. Without accompanying contrasts in texture, a container can appear as if plants were randomly thrown together.

Contrasting textures becomes even more important when you are using similar flowers or foliage colors. Without texture differences, the plants visually meld together in an uninteresting clump.

This does not mean that you cannot combine different flowers. Texture is not confined to foliage. Size, shape and surface of flowers can differ, too, and keeping these in mind when choosing flowers can help you create a gorgeous combination of colors and textures.

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Source: Kim Gamel via Houzz

Likewise, you can use similar types of non-flowering plants with equally stunning results. Most conifers, for example, look similar as they are evergreen trees or shrubs. However, they vary enough in hue, needle size and shape to look interesting together. Dwarf varieties grow well in containers and by planting several conifer types together, you can create your own miniature forest, like in this beautiful example.

container planting

Source: Martha Stewart

Texture as a design term implies both sight and touch. Incorporating plants that appeal to both senses, respectively, works well in a container arrangement. Consider a container holding a plant with boldly shaped or colored leaves/flowers, which are surrounded by fuzzy-leaf plants or soft ferns. This is one example of blending visual texture with tactile texture.

Since cooler weather will soon be approaching, it’s a great time to consider how you will keep your landscape and home beautiful and interesting. One great part about planting in containers is that when freezing temperatures loom, you can simply bring these potted plants inside. Lifescape Colorado can help you achieve beautiful container plants you can enjoy throughout the entire winter season. Contact us today!

Landscaping Planning Tips for 2014 Gardens

Summer’s end is a perfect time to assess your landscape and plan improvements for the coming year. To make your 2014 landscape even more beautiful than the year before while also more efficient and easier to maintain requires thorough planning. Here are some suggestions to help you get organized.

Walk around your landscape while jotting down notes on ways to improve your property’s functionality and aesthetics. Note any landscape structures or areas of hardscaping that have developed problems or issues that may create hazards. Here are some examples of common issues:

  • Wobbly or broken pavers
  • Large plant pots and statuaries too close to a pathway or otherwise obstructing comfortable and safe movement
  • Broken or leaning trellises/arbors
  • Insufficient lighting

Next, turn your attention to the plants. Note dead plants, plants past their prime, plant overcrowding, plants that you simply do not like anymore and plants that are doing poorly in their current location. It is easy to make planting mistakes, but fortunately, plants can all be replaced.

As you plan improvements, you should keep in mind what you learned during your assessment, and you should consider questions such as these:

  • Do you have a specific landscape design style you want to incorporate? This can affect plant selection and the type of outdoor lighting fixtures you choose.
  • Did your landscape suffer from the drought? Consider turning to drought-tolerant plants and water-wise landscaping.
  • Did you have wildlife issues? Incorporating fire-resistant plants into landscaping may help.
  • If slugs and other crawling pests feasted on your vegetable garden, consider switching to raised beds.
  • What can be changed to improve curb and window appeal?

New plants and features can help enliven a dull landscape, but good design is also necessary to overcome climate and geographical challenges. You do not have to go it alone, though. Our professionals at Lifescape can help you assess, plan and implement landscape improvements that will set you up for a gorgeous 2014. We offer many types of services, including landscape architecture, construction and garden design and maintenance. Contact us today to learn more.

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Landscaping Design Ideas: Dressing Up Driveways

Since the driveway is one of the first features experienced when entering the property, why not make it an enjoyable experience? A beautiful driveway design can set the tone for the rest of the home and property, making a a wonderful first impression. Here are some design tips for transforming a driveway into a beautiful and welcoming feature of the landscape.

Instead of a lawn, turn the front yard next to the driveway into a tall, lush garden. Plants that blend multiple colors, textures and heights will ensure vibrancy and variety.

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Source: Peter A. Sellar via Houzz

If the driveway curves around to the front of the house, a defined island of greenery in the middle of the yard can become a canvas for an interesting garden design that creates a focal point while also hiding the driveway.

Good landscape design requires a degree of cohesion so that it does not appear haphazard. But this does not mean the landscape has to be completely uniform. Plus, it’s difficult to use the same type of plants across the whole property as Colorado landscapes often contain several microclimates. The front yard may receive full sun while the backyard may receive mostly shade, for example. Despite this, cohesiveness in the general feel can be achieved by coordinating colors and heights.

In our region, if you want a landscape that will remain interesting year-round, it must be designed to be water-wise. A drought-tolerant landscape design around the driveway can be achieved by using native groundcovers and/or decorative natural stone instead of grass. Drought tolerant plants such as yuccas and cacti can also be planted to line the driveway, adding texture and height. Finally, flowers native to Colorado can be mixed in to add splashes of color.

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Source: CK Architects via Houzz

If you are ready to transform your front yard to achieve a beautiful landscape from the start of your driveway to your front door, contact the landscape design professionals at Lifescape.

Grow a Colorado Cocktail Garden

cocktail garden

Source: Organic Gardening

Cocktail gardens are a fun and edible gardening trend anyone can add to their landscape. Imagine walking just a few steps from your entertainment area to pick fresh garnishes for drinks. Here are some ideas for colorful and flavorful garnishes and ingredients you can grow in your own Colorado cocktail garden.

The Herbs

  • Cilantro – Just as this herb lends a distinctive flavor to salsas, you can add it to Bloody Marys and other tomato-based drinks, or even tropical drinks, to add an interesting twist.
  • Chives – The subtle flavor and colorful dark green color of chives make it ideal for adding to cocktails like savory vodka drinks, margaritas and more.
  • Basil – The most commonly used herb in the culinary world, peppery, minty and sweet basil can add aromatic flavor to almost any concoction.
  • Lemon Verbena – Just a few leaves of lemon verbena impart a burst of citrus flavor to complement any tropical drink, hard lemonade or other fruit infused cocktails.
  • Lavender – Although it is most well known for its fragrance, lavender is also edible and makes a gorgeous and floral flavored garnish.
  • Mint – Easy to grow and versatile, this herb is a timeless way to add refreshing earthy flavor. Once established, it likes to spread throughout an area. If you prefer to keep it contained, consider growing it in a large pot.

Fruits and Vegetables

  • Strawberries – Strawberries are blended for daiquiris but can also be chopped or sliced and used in other fruit-based cocktails.
  • Limes and Lemons – You do not have to move to the tropics to enjoy fresh lemons or limes. You can cultivate these fruit trees in containers and bring them indoors before the cold Colorado winter arrives.
  • Cherry Tomatoes – These work well as garnishes in Martinis and other savory vodka and gin drinks.
  • Celery – Celery stalks are used as stirrers and impart a hint of bitterness to balance drinks.

Your cocktail garden can be grown in-ground, in raised beds or in containers. Let Lifescape help you plan the best design a cocktail garden and keep it healthy with our weekly or monthly services. Contact us today to find out more.

Designing a Beautiful & Functional Garden Shed

The garden shed is being redefined thanks to the ever-growing demand for functional and beautiful outdoor living spaces. While these small structures are still commonly used as a gardener’s work garage for storing tools and equipment, they can also be redesigned or built to do much more. Check out these interesting garden shed design ideas.

Charming & Traditional

A traditional garden shed can be designed with durable materials, such as stone and brick, that will stand up to weather, dirt and foot traffic while also adding rustic charm. Smart storage and strategic placement of worktables, shelves and chairs can provide a convenient and comfortable workspace for potting, arranging and grooming plants.

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Source: Historical Concepts via Houzz

Al Fresco Dining and Entertaining

Sheds can be designed to double as closed or semi-enclosed outdoor dining and entertaining areas. It provides relief from sun and rain while still allowing you to enjoy the ambiance that comes with the garden surroundings. This shed design has sliding double-doors to allow for easy outdoor access and plenty of natural light and fresh air.

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Source: Better Homes & Gardens

Inspiring Outdoor Office

A garden shed can become an ideal home office space. Surrounded by nature and yet away from the hustle and bustle of your home, it can be the perfect place to escape distractions for optimum focus. Plus, what better way to create an inspiring workspace that promotes creativity than with the phenomenal colors and wonders of nature? We love this contemporary indoor/outdoor office shed design complete with bookshelves and even skylights to enjoy the night sky when burning the midnight oil hard at work.

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Source: Office Sian Architecture & Design via Houzz

Intimate Retreat

A shed can be designed in the image of the home or a small cottage in the woods to serve as an intimate luxury retreat. A haven such as this one below can offer multi-purpose space for working, relaxing, or entertaining. It can even serve as a guesthouse!

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Source: via Better Homes & Gardens

Lifescape in Denver can help create the ideal garden shed design for your Colorado landscape and lifestyle. Contact us today to learn about our landscaping and outdoor living services.