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Refresh Your Front Yard Landscape

The changing season requires a fresh look at your front yard landscape. Are your plants past their prime? Could your front walk benefit from fall interest? If your deciduous trees have dropped their leaves, it’s the ideal time to contact a professional landscaping crew to prune them. Note the areas that need work, and then use these front yard landscaping ideas to get a refreshed look.


Source: Anna Looper via Houzz

Increase your bed size. Were your flowering eyes bigger than your garden beds could accommodate this summer? One rule of thumb is to have planter beds that span at least half the width of your house. If your beds are on the small size, use this season to expand them and amend the soil, so it is ready to plant in the spring.


Source: Timothy Sheehan, ASLA via Houzz

Does your landscape flow? Now that some of your blooming plants are beginning to shed their summer glory, it might be time to add new bursts of color that will continue the flow of your landscape design. First, consider adding perennials that do well in Colorado and will continue to do well year after year. Then, look for annual flowers, like alpine ivy geraniums or impatiens, that do well in our cooler climate. You can also use containers to plant a burst of seasonal color next to your front door entryway.


Source: Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design via Houzz

Add some gathering areas. If your home doesn’t have a porch, consider adding some seated gathering areas. This can be as simple as laying down some pavers and adding a table and chairs, or as complex as designing a new patio. Either way, it will provide extra square footage when the weather’s nice.


Source: Crisp Architects via Houzz

Enclose your porch. This is a desirable option for those of us who aren’t as fond of winter’s chill. An enclosed porch adds a significant number of days to your outdoor living season and comes in handy in the summertime too.

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Before & After: Boosting your Curb Appeal

The front yard is where all the magic is sparked. Your home’s curb appeal will either want to make people stop and admire from the street if done right, or cringe a little and turn their heads if unkempt. If you plan on putting your home on the market anytime soon, this can cost you prospective buyers. However, if you are staying in place, wouldn’t you want to make your home more visually appealing for you, your family, guests and neighbors to enjoy?

You may think that your front yard looks fine, and that you don’t care for all the “extras”. But it is amazing to see the transformation in not only the aesthetics of your home’s outdoor environment, but how you feel about your home as well.

Take a look at these before and after photos of Lifescape Associates completed landscaping projects that focused on curb appeal.


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What does your Yard say about You?

When your guests pull up to your home, the first thing they see is your yard. Your yard will be that determining factor that sets the tone for the welcome your guests perceive.

If you have a yard that is unkempt and lacks the proper outdoor ambiance, what impression does that give to passers by or first time guests to your home? If your landscape looks outdated, scruffy, or the ambiance feels a bit off, that is a clear sign that it is time to update your landscape.

You’d be surprised how much of an amazing transformation can be accomplished within your yard by simply pruning out-of-control plants to restore a neat appearance. But don’t stop there! Remove those overgrown bushes that are taking up all the space too. Another option is replacing those overgrown plants with newer, brighter varieties.

So, do you know what your Denver or Boulder area landscape says about you?