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A Tuscan Inspired Outdoor Retreat

Being able to relax at home is key in simply unwinding from a hectic work week. Recently, Lifescape had the pleasure of creating a Tuscan inspired outdoor retreat for a client’s Tuscan themed home. Bringing a touch of international inspiration to your landscape will not only add to the personality of your home, but it can literally create a great escape for you and your family without leaving your Colorado neighborhood.

Take a look at this Tuscan backyard retreat:

Tuscan themed pavers The Belgard mega-Lafitt pavers compliment this Tuscan themed house perfectly.

Tuscan Belgard Pavers

The texture of the Mega-Lafitt paver also compliments natural materials like stone veneer on the planter walls and the stucco veneer of the house.

Tuscan outdoor roomThe outdoor room has been created with use of round Tuscan style columns, annual plantings in planters, and a paver patio.  Ambient and mood lighting makes this outdoor space an enjoyable place to spend an evening simply relaxing or entertaining guests.

 Are you currently looking to have an outdoor retreat constructed for your Denver area home?

Integrating Technology Outside

When it comes to integrating your technology outside, it has to be done skillfully and in complement of your outdoor environment. It does not look flattering to have your large flat screen TV mounted awkwardly out of place among your naturalistic rock garden with waterfalls. Your outdoor rooms and areas should be consistent in style and design. Various wires running across the ground is unsightly and extremely dangerous. You want your technology like stereo systems, TV/Audio, security cameras and etc all to be cleverly integrated into the overall design so that it enhances the aesthetic of the space.

Whether you want an entertaining outdoor kitchen where you can fire up the grill with the family while watching the game, or if you prefer an outdoor living room with a great integrated audio system for parties on the patio, you want your whole yard to look it’s best.

What type of technology do you want to integrate into your Denver outdoor living space?

Do you want a Fireplace or Firepit in your Backyard?

Now is a great time to start thinking about and planning for your outdoor living space that’s perfect for the cool to cold weather. Maybe you have been dreaming of having an outdoor living room with a fireplace or firepit. Well before you know it, the fall will have arrived. You may want to start getting your ideas together to present to your landscape designer.

Here are a few Lifescape completed projects that included a hearth perfect for enjoying the great outdoors when the weather has a chill in the air.

A cozy sitting area with a firepit can be just what you need to complete your outdoor living space. You want your outdoor firepit and/or fireplace to fit the style of your outdoor living environment.

Outdoor fireplaceWhether you prefer a formal space or a more casual outdoor living room, a firepit or fireplace will enhance your experience and comfort in the space.

Which would you prefer in your Denver area backyard? A fireplace or a firepit?



Outdoor Fireplaces done Right

If you were not already aware, outdoor fireplaces are in fact illegal in Denver. However, it is important for you to know that there is an easy way around that, which does not sacrifice the aesthetics of your outdoor living areas.  The work around is to run a natural gas line off the house’s system to the fire pit or fireplace and run the flame that way. One reason this is a great alternative is because you can easily flip a switch to turn the fire pit and fireplace. In fact, Lifescape has even done a system that with an iPhone, you can turn the fire pit or fireplace on remotely.  Talk about having a fire ready to go by the time you get home from work!

If you are worried about a permit, Lifescape helps our clients attain permits that are necessary when running gas lines. Eventhough we agree that there is nothing like an open burning fire pit or fireplace, in order to keep our homes, communities and environment safe in Denver, the law helps in protection against those who don’t take special care in keeping fires contained and safe.

Have questions about custom built outdoor fireplaces or firepits? Contact a designer at Lifescape for more information. 303-831-8310.








Is your Outdoor Living Space ready for Entertaining?

Memorial Day is almost here which kick starts the season of barbecuing on the back porch, taking a few cool dips in the pool and inviting over family and friends to enjoy a day outdoors with food, fun, and laughter. So is your outdoor living space ready for all of these activities?

The best time to have an outdoor space renovated is during the colder months so that they can be ready by the time summer comes around, however, it is really never too late. Depending on what you would like in your outdoor space and the size of the project, it may not take long, and you could enjoy it by the end of the summer. But for those larger projects like pools, courtyards, outdoor kitchens and such, you want to allow as much time as possible.

One great thing about having a project done during the summer, you can be off traveling with the family and not have to worry about seeing and hearing all the work being done, just make sure that you are available to your landscape contractor when decisions need to be made.

If you live in the Denver or Boulder area and need to get your outdoor living space ready for entertaining, contact a landscape designer at Lifescape for more information. 303-831-8310