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Hardscaping Haven: Build a Garden You Can Live In

Why design a garden to look at when you can build an outdoor space to live in? Thoughtfully designed Colorado hardscapes allow homeowners to relax outdoors year-round. By analyzing your landscape, evaluating the most common wind directions and watching where water drains on your property, we can identify which areas of your outdoor space will be optimal for year-round enjoyment. Afterwards, we can design the necessary hardscape features to facilitate the process.

denver landscape architect

Design by Lifescape Colorado

Design a patio for a nice transition. Your patio is a great place to start. If you’re starting from scratch, we can help you determine the best size and shape for your patio, based on the proportions of your usable geography. If you already have the foundation in place, we can start looking at what features would make the patio more user-friendly every season. Perhaps a retractable sunshade for the summer months or a covered area for the winter is the best option.

denver landscape architect

Design by Lifescape Colorado

A raised deck space. A simple, but incredibly useful hardscape feature is a raised deck located off a bedroom or family room. Just a handful of square feet can yield a closure-optional space for you to sit down in and enjoy a change of scenery. Add a simple container garden or water feature to transform your deck into a private sanctuary.

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Design by Lifescape Colorado

Fire pits and seating areas. Extra seating areas are always appreciated. They let you enjoy different areas of the garden for different purposes and activities. A section of pavers can be combined with a fire pit or chiminea and extra chairs to create a magical post-sunset hangout spot. Your patio is another place where an outdoor fireplace is desirable.

Traditional Landscape by Denver Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers Lifescape Colorado.

Design by Lifescape Colorado

Walking paths. Don’t feel like braving the hottest or coldest days on the streets? Hit the pathways of your own garden or backyard and you can still get a dose of Mother Nature, as well as a bit of exercise. You’ll benefit from the elemental protection of your landscape design.

Give Lifescape Colorado a call so our design team can get started on designing the hardscape of your dreams. With the right features and aesthetic appeal, you’ll want to spend every waking minute of the day outdoors this season!

Do you want a Fireplace or Firepit in your Backyard?

Now is a great time to start thinking about and planning for your outdoor living space that’s perfect for the cool to cold weather. Maybe you have been dreaming of having an outdoor living room with a fireplace or firepit. Well before you know it, the fall will have arrived. You may want to start getting your ideas together to present to your landscape designer.

Here are a few Lifescape completed projects that included a hearth perfect for enjoying the great outdoors when the weather has a chill in the air.

A cozy sitting area with a firepit can be just what you need to complete your outdoor living space. You want your outdoor firepit and/or fireplace to fit the style of your outdoor living environment.

Outdoor fireplaceWhether you prefer a formal space or a more casual outdoor living room, a firepit or fireplace will enhance your experience and comfort in the space.

Which would you prefer in your Denver area backyard? A fireplace or a firepit?



Outdoor Fireplaces done Right

If you were not already aware, outdoor fireplaces are in fact illegal in Denver. However, it is important for you to know that there is an easy way around that, which does not sacrifice the aesthetics of your outdoor living areas.  The work around is to run a natural gas line off the house’s system to the fire pit or fireplace and run the flame that way. One reason this is a great alternative is because you can easily flip a switch to turn the fire pit and fireplace. In fact, Lifescape has even done a system that with an iPhone, you can turn the fire pit or fireplace on remotely.  Talk about having a fire ready to go by the time you get home from work!

If you are worried about a permit, Lifescape helps our clients attain permits that are necessary when running gas lines. Eventhough we agree that there is nothing like an open burning fire pit or fireplace, in order to keep our homes, communities and environment safe in Denver, the law helps in protection against those who don’t take special care in keeping fires contained and safe.

Have questions about custom built outdoor fireplaces or firepits? Contact a designer at Lifescape for more information. 303-831-8310.