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Ideas for Elegant Landscape Edging

Edging prevents soil and mulch runoff while keeping plants firmly in place, but its benefits can go beyond function. Edging can add form, texture, color and definition to achieve beautiful landscape spaces.

Trench edging is a simple yet effective method for creating subtle definition. Instead of integrating physical edging, a simple trench-like formation is created between the flower or plant areas and neighboring grass or groundcover. This is a wonderful method for achieving very organic and natural looking landscape designs.

colorado landscaping

Source: Matthew Cunningham Landscape Design LLC via Houzz

Durable yet thin edging made from steel or plastic can also be subtle, when it is sunk low into the earth lining pathways or flowerbeds. But to add more interest, steel or plastic in attractive or bold colors can be used to add a splash of color.

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Source: Samuel H. Williamson Associates via Houzz

Decorative edging that is more visible can become can essential part of the landscape design. Concrete or steel edging, for example, can be custom designed with colors, forms and shapes that will complement and elevate the style of the landscape. Likewise, cut stone or carved wood can add natural beauty or rustic charm.

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Source: D-CRAIN via Houzz

Brick also lends itself to interesting decorative edging. The color of brick, as well as the pattern and angle in which it can be laid, adds fantastic aesthetic appeal. The height of brick edging can easily be adjusted by adding layers. Raised edging not only prevents erosion and adds to the look of landscapes but also deters pets or other animals from wandering into plant beds.

Colored gravel or slate chippings can also be used to design decorative landscape edging that defines plant beds, keep weeds down and provides a barrier against soil erosion.

When you want to enhance your landscape with elegant landscape edging, let designer and architects at Lifescape Colorado help. Here at Lifescape Colorado, we offer a full slate of landscaping services, including hardscaping and gardening design and maintenance.

Add Evening Drama to your Denver Landscape

Beyond safety and practicality, outdoor lighting has the power to transform landscapes into magical outdoor spaces. Not to mention, it accentuates the most beautiful features of your landscape so you can enjoy them even by night.

Landscape lighting options range from elaborate fixtures that add an artistic element to simple discrete bulbs used to illuminate stepping paths. As Tim McKeough of the New York Times says, “Even the most basic fixture — a simple string of lights — can be effective.” But to truly enhance ambiance, here are some of our favorite outdoor lighting fixtures for adding drama to Denver landscape designs.

String lighting – Adding shabby-chic charm and a nice soft glow, string lights are wonderful for hanging over outdoor dining and lounging areas.

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Source: Actual Size Projects via Houzz

Hurricane lanterns – Versatile hurricane lanterns can add a romantic, old-world touch. Since they are portable, you can move them around from tables to ledges for spot illumination.

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Source: Palm Design Group via Houzz

Sensational chandelier – Create a stunning focal point for outdoor dinner parties with a tiered chandelier.

lifescape colorado

Design by Lifescape

Sculptural lighting – Unique LED light fixtures can light up landscapes while also functioning as sculptural art.

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Source: Interiorholic

Recessed lighting – With a little innovation, recessed lighting can creatively highlight trees, paths, steps and more.

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Source: Wagner Hodgson via Houzz

Glowing waterfall – Make waterfalls as dramatic by night as they are by day with lighting that adds a whimsical glowing effect.

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Source: WAC Lighting via Houzz

Embedded hardscape lighting – Lighting uniquely embedded into retaining walls can turn into an intriguing art installation.

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Source: McKay Landscape Lighting via Houzz

Enjoy a beautiful landscape by day and night with the help from the professional landscapers at Lifescape. We can work with you to create a custom landscape design that will increase your property value and your quality of life. Contact us today to learn more.

Let’s Go Rooftop!

If you want to create a beautiful outdoor living space or garden but do not have enough yard space, trying looking up! The rooftop is one of the most underutilized areas of the home. But with the right design, it can become the most beloved living space of the home. Here are some outdoor living design ideas and inspirational photos for transforming your Denver rooftop into a luxurious outdoor retreat.

A Rooftop Living Room

A thoughtful hardscape and rooftop deck design can transform a rooftop into a second living room ideal for open-air entertaining and enjoying awe-inspiring views. You can incorporate built-in benches or or dress it up with the right outdoor furniture that creates zones for outdoor dining and lounging.

rooftop design

Design by Lifescape in Colorado

If you work with a landscape company that specializes in hardscape designs and luxury outdoor living, you can design a custom space with a variety of features and amenities.

  • An Outdoor Kitchen for enjoying cooking and entertaining in the great outdoors.
  • A fire pit for warmth in the winter and ambiance in the summer.
  • A hot tub and/or a refreshing rooftop shower for a truly luxurious living space where you can enjoy relaxing and cleansing in the sun or beneath the stars.

A Rooftop Garden

Turning your rooftop into a garden can transform this space into a green oasis. Butt you will want to be careful to choose plants that can handle the strong rays of the sun, especially in our area. Here are some great drought-tolerant plants for Colorado rooftop gardens.

  • Lewisia cotyledon: This low-growing plant with blooms in shades of peach, orange and pink is suitable for planters, flowerbeds and rock gardens.
  • Sedum rupestre: An attractive succulent, Sedum spreads nicely, making a lovely groundcover on its own or interspersed with other foliage.
  • Sedum spurium: This succulent adds an interesting splash of burgundy foliage and small red blooms.
  • Helictotrichon sempervirens:  Plant this ornamental grass in planters atop walls for added privacy or use several in a row as a natural divider between rooftop areas.
denver landscape design

Source: Natural Balance Home Builders via Houzz

Creating a safe and beautiful rooftop oasis is a hefty undertaking. Lifescape can help you develop your rooftop sanctuary from start to finish. Contact us today to learn all about Denver outdoor living design for your home or business.

3 Ways Stone Walls Can Benefit & Beautify Colorado Landscapes

Stone walls have been used to create borders and protect them from hillside erosion for hundreds of years. But today, in addition to being functional, stone walls can add incredible interest and beauty to landscapes. Local or imported stones can add natural color that contrasts flora and fauna and can even be used to incorporate artistic patterns. Stone walls can also create zones in hardscape designs to connect or define fire pit, plant bed and seating areas.

Here are three ways to add beauty and function to Colorado landscapes with stone walls.

Creating 3-D Boundaries: The most classic use of a stone wall is to create boundaries. A small wall can outline a porch or seating area to make it more private. And on a more grand scale, a rock wall can be used to create multiple boundaries within a single space that includes planters, seating areas, benches, fireplaces, etc.

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Source: Pine Street Carpenters via Houzz


Retaining & Terracing: If you live on a slope, a well-designed and professionally constructed retaining wall will be your greatest ally in creating functional, livable outdoor space. In its most basic form, a retaining wall provides structure to create a flat area that will not erode. A landscape designer can also create terraces with retaining walls, which protect slopes from eroding and add additional flat spaces for lawns, gardens and sitting areas

But as landscaping expert James Woodhead told the Landscaping Network, “When it comes to retaining walls, don’t be a do-it-yourselfer!” We heartily concur. Retaining walls require sound engineering, a solid design and expert construction to ensure durability and safety.

denver hardscape design

Source: Jeffrey Gordon Smith via Houzz

Adding Dimension: If your live on a flat piece of property, and want to add extra dimension or structure to wide expanses of lawn or yard space, you can use a rock wall to create encircle or outline focal points in your landscape. Stone walls can be used to add a large, elevated flower bed, for instance. Another option is to incorporate a stone wall as a backdrop for a sunken patio or seating area.

denver hardscape design

Source: Paradise Restored Landscaping via Houzz

If you are interested in incorporating a stone wall in your Colorado landscape, contact Lifescape. We would love to visit your space and brainstorm creative ways to enhance your property’s natural landscape features.

Why Yuccas are Our Best Friend

yucca plant

Source: Landscape Architecture Blog

Known as “some of the toughest plants in the kingdom,” yucca plants can bring a lot to landscapes while only asking for a little in return. Incredibly drought-tolerant and low-maintenance, yuccas have fleshy roots like succulents that allow this family of plants to store water in order to survive even in the driest of spells. But there is more to these plants besides drought durability.

As Mike Kintgen, Senior horticulturist at Denver Botanic Gardens, told the Denver Post,  “…there are few plants that can give the architectural oomph yuccas have when you get the right one in the right spot.”

The yucca family includes several species with striking colors, shapes and sizes. The rosette of bell-shaped flowers, which bloom out from a tall stalk in the center of the plant, are sometimes called flor de izote, the national flower of El Salvador.

yucca flower

Source: Landscape Architecture Blog

All yuccas need to become an eye-catching focal point is full sun and plenty of room for their dramatic silhouette. As the Drought Smart Plants blog says, yuccas look best with ample space to spread their sword-shaped leaves.

yucca drought tolerant

Source: Drought Smart Plants

And as LA Times writer Jeff Spurrier says, yuccas add interest with age, too.

“As the plant gets older, the base of the grayish trunk swells, taking on the primeval look of an elephant’s foot. The stalk that produces flowers will die back, but the plant will continue to send up new pups and side spears that will flower.”

Do you have yuccas? Which species do you have and Where are they located in your landscape? Share your experience with these tough but beautiful plants in the comment section below.


The landscape architecture and design team here at Lifescape in Colorado has the experience and expertise to create Colorado landscapes that are beautiful and low-maintenance year round. Contact us today to find out how we can help turn your yard into a beautifully-landscaped space.