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Container Plants with Tons of Texture

Just as a landscape needs a variety of textures, so too does the miniature landscape of a container plant.

Novice gardeners sometimes try to avoid a boring container design by using a multitude of colors, but this approach can easily backfire. Without accompanying contrasts in texture, a container can appear as if plants were randomly thrown together.

Contrasting textures becomes even more important when you are using similar flowers or foliage colors. Without texture differences, the plants visually meld together in an uninteresting clump.

This does not mean that you cannot combine different flowers. Texture is not confined to foliage. Size, shape and surface of flowers can differ, too, and keeping these in mind when choosing flowers can help you create a gorgeous combination of colors and textures.

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Source: Kim Gamel via Houzz

Likewise, you can use similar types of non-flowering plants with equally stunning results. Most conifers, for example, look similar as they are evergreen trees or shrubs. However, they vary enough in hue, needle size and shape to look interesting together. Dwarf varieties grow well in containers and by planting several conifer types together, you can create your own miniature forest, like in this beautiful example.

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Source: Martha Stewart

Texture as a design term implies both sight and touch. Incorporating plants that appeal to both senses, respectively, works well in a container arrangement. Consider a container holding a plant with boldly shaped or colored leaves/flowers, which are surrounded by fuzzy-leaf plants or soft ferns. This is one example of blending visual texture with tactile texture.

Since cooler weather will soon be approaching, it’s a great time to consider how you will keep your landscape and home beautiful and interesting. One great part about planting in containers is that when freezing temperatures loom, you can simply bring these potted plants inside. Lifescape Colorado can help you achieve beautiful container plants you can enjoy throughout the entire winter season. Contact us today!

Design Ideas for Year-Round Potted Plants

With the right plants and design, potted plants can add year-round beauty and life to Colorado landscapes.

Single plants with rich colors or interesting shapes can be planted in individual pots to stand alone and create eye-catching focal points. Or, multiple plants can be carefully combined to create lush, portable gardens.

When designing a container with multiple plants, the three main ingredients for a beautiful design are thrillers, fillers and spillers. Thrillers are colorful plants with brilliant blooms and/or striking foliage. Fillers provide attractive bulk to the arrangement, much like a florist’s use of Baby’s Breath or fern fronds in a bouquet. Grasses and leafy plants, for example, make great fillers in potted plant designs. Spillers, as the name implies, are plants that gracefully spill over the sides of the pot as they grow. These include vines, cascading flowers or trailing succulents. Let’s look at a few classic thriller, filer and spiller combinations that make for stunning year-round container designs.

An evergreen, such as an Emerald arborvitae, can easily function as a thriller, due to its textured foliage and height. It’s wonderful for pairing with low-growing fillers and spillers that have contrasting colors or textures like shiny, large-leaf bergenias.

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Source: Fine Gardening

Large showy shrubs, such as the redtwig dogwood, also make a fantastic thriller focal point in a container arrangement. This dogwood has attractive green and white leaves that are offset by bright red stems, providing a burst of welcome color during winter months. Cascading vines and flowering plants like the heucheras can be used to complement redtwig with small spots of interest as in the example below.

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Source: Fine Gardening

Low-growing ‘Blue Star’ juniper also works beautifully in potted designs as its branches grow to elegantly arch over the edges of the pot. Plus, its dusty blue needles look great with almost any plant. Here it’s paired with ‘Fuldaglut’ sedum for a nice visual effect.

potted plant designs

Source: Fine Gardening

If your Colorado landscape could use more year-round interest, and you (and your wallet) could benefit from a landscape that is water-wise and low-maintenance, contact the landscape designers at Lifescape.

Get Brilliant Fall Color with Container Plants

stacked containers orange pansiesIf you were wondering when the perfect time to freshen up your container garden and beds with fall color, it’s the first week of October. During the evening, temperatures are a lot cooler and daylight is a few hours shorter. Since summer is gone, your plants do not have to worry about heat stress and their roots can grow in order to get set for winter.

Two great options for brilliant fall color are pansies and violas. Not only do they bloom throughout the fall and during the winter, they will also be back early next season with beautiful bright spring color.

If you need a few more options, try aster and mum ranging in wonderful colors from purple and lavender to yellow and bronze. Many asters and mums are perennials, which is great because you can plant them in the fall and enjoy them for years to come.

What plants are you looking forward to planting in your Denver container garden this fall?

Source: Alcc.com, Photo Credit: southernliving.com









A Healthy Garden for a Healthy Lifestyle

Colorado vegetable gardenMany people are choosing to grow their own vegetables and fruits today. There are plenty who enjoy gardening as a hobby, but now more people are making the choice in order to help supplement a healthy or organic lifestyle. Depending on what foods you like to eat, that is one of the first steps to figuring out what you want to plant in your edible garden. Here are a few examples.

  • Love making Italian dishes? Basil and tomato plants are well suited to be companion plants, whether in the garden or in your pasta sauce.
  • Need a fresh batch of salsa for your Mexican dishes? You can plant a salsa garden which consists of cilantro, tomatoes, chives, green onions and tomatillos, great for a South-of the border themed container garden.
  • Are you a tea drinker? Tea planters are wonderful. You can fill yours up with tasty mint–like chocolate, orange and peppermint–and sweeten the mix with a Stevia plant.

What type of garden do you want to grow in your Denver area landscape?



Source: alcc.com, Photo Credit: coloradovegetablegarden.com