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Colorful Container Plants for Your Spring Garden

Need some colorful garden fantasies to help while away these grayer winter days? Get out your scratch paper and begin sketching the plans for colorful container designs that will add instant color to your spring gardens. We love container gardens here at Lifescape Colorado; they’re beautiful, portable (helpful when late spring storms arise) and also offer a fun and creative way to add focal points to your outdoor landscape.

Colorful Container Plants for Spring Gardens

When choosing colorful container plants for your spring garden, make sure to pay attention to:

  • The plants’ heights/widths
  • Foliage versus bloom colors
  • Growth direction (is it an upright stalk or more of a draper?)

This will yield containers that are well balanced, so each plant has its own space to shine.

Here are three container plants that will add interest to your spring garden as well as some creative container ideas for their display.

Source: Lifescape Colorado

Source: Lifescape Colorado

  1. Snapdragons. This is a perky, upright grower and snapdragons can be found in practically any shade you desire, as well as a few different bloom shapes. They prefer the sunnier side of life. If well-cared for, you might even be able to coax snapdragons through a hot summer and into the fall. They make a great center-piece in your container, surrounding by lower or draping plants around the edges.
  2. Petunias. There are many reasons to love petunias, from their bright and bold color displays to the way they attract beautiful moths after dark. Look how the red, pink and purple petunias contrast with this green-blue vessel. Once the sun sets, safety lighting built-in to the hardscaping will attract beautiful moths to their blooms. You can also keep it simple by using a monochromatic palette, like we did with this container arrangement.
  3. Flowering Kale and Cabbages. Since spring weather can be touch and go, flowering kale and cabbages are a safe and colorful bet for containers because they can tolerate colder temperatures. Use them for lower-profile areas and keep an eye out for ornamental varieties that add reds, pinks and whites.

    Source: Wikimedia

    Source: Wikimedia

Don’t let your creativity end with the plant selections. The containers you select are just as important as the blooms and dimensions you create inside them. Rather than purchasing new pots and vessels, we recommend looking around or shopping at thrift stores for unique items that can be converted into containers. Just about anything can be re-purposed into a container if you put your artistic mind to it.

Lifescape is here whether you would like help designing your containers or to provide regular maintenance so they look their best year-round. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

Best Container Vegetables for Winter Gardens

When winter hits Colorado, you can still bring your own homegrown vegetables to the table. Container gardening provides an easy and convenient way to continue growing many types of produce even when your regular garden beds have frozen. Here are some vegetables to consider growing this winter.


Source: Wikimedia Commons


This vitamin packed super food is easy to grow and tolerates cool temperatures. When extreme weather hits, you can simply move it inside or put it in a cold frame. Like many other greens, you can harvest several kale leaves as you need them and the plant will sprout new growth for later consumption. In addition to providing exceptional nutrition, kale can add textural interest to your container garden.

snow peas

Source: Wikimedia Commons


Peas can be enjoyed in salads, casseroles or just as a tasty vegetable side, and they grow well in containers into the colder winter months. As a cool weather crop, they grow best in cooler temperatures and stop producing by late spring or early summer.


Source: Wikimedia Commons


Like many greens, this spicy salad green is easy to grow in containers. Its dainty edible flowers can also add extra visual interest to your container garden design.


Source: Wikimedia Commons


Most varieties of lettuce can be grown in containers. If you want a quicker harvest, choose a fast growing variety, such as Jade Gem, which can supply you with fresh salad throughout the cooler months. Besides being versatile and easy to grow and harvest, lettuce can be grown in more shallow containers than many other vegetables.

baby carrots

Source: Wikimedia Commons


Root vegetables, like carrots, need deeper containers than the other vegetables mentioned above, but as long as they are given sufficient space and enough soil to stay warm, carrots do fine as a container garden vegetable.

Let us do the work and help you enjoy fresh vegetables all year long. Our talented crew at Lifescape Colorado enjoys creating beautiful and functional container gardens for our customers. Whether you want a vegetable container garden or you prefer festive container arrangements to match the season, contact Lifescape Colorado for a consultation today.

Celebrate Spring with Colorful Container Gardens

Container gardens offer versatility and beautiful spring flair to Colorado gardens. Weather can be unpredictable, but containers allow you to bring plants indoors when temperatures drop or if a bad storm is looming. Check out these ideas for fun, practical and beautiful container gardens.

Colorful Container Gardens

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Mix evergreens and flowers. The rich green color of evergreens offers a striking backdrop for colorful flowers, and you can quickly switch out old flowering plants when the blossoms fade. Use something small, like a dwarf hemlock along with lavender violas or some other small evergreens and flowers for a similar effect.

Colorful Container Gardens

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Create textural interest. Introduce several textures within the same pot. Whether you’re planting only greenery or using flowering plants, a variety of textures keep container gardens extra interesting. For example, you can combine glossy-leaf plants with fluffy blooms or fuzzy-leaf plants. Combining softly cascading plants with sturdy, thick-stemmed plants is another way to create textural interest.

Colorful Container Gardens

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Consider drought-tolerant container gardens. Drought-friendly container gardens can be just as beautiful as any other spring container garden, and it will help you conserve more water. You can choose from nearly any evergreen or flowering plant native to our Colorado climate. One idea is to use a native ornamental grass, such as Feather Reedgrass, as the centerpiece and plant annuals or perennials around the periphery. Using a few different plant heights, colors and textures makes gardens appear livelier and is also more delightful to the eye.

Colorful Container Gardens

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Create a stunning arrangement using multiple hues. Choose your favorite color and then create a color scheme based on that for a gorgeous container that adds a burst of life to your landscape. For best results, choose from flowers that flourish in Colorado. If you love yellow, for example, you could plant Superbells Lemon Slice and surround it with Black-Eyed Susan and yellow yarrow.

Our experts at Lifescape Colorado love creating container gardens and can work with you to discover the best garden and landscape designs to fit your lifestyle. Please contact us to learn more about all the services we provide.

Blue Avena Grass

Are you looking for a beautiful plant to add to your landscape design? If so, we at Lifescape Colorado recommend Blue Avena Grass, also called Blue Oat Grass. If you get started now, this gorgeous plant can be established just in time to benefit from its midsummer seed-out. This occurs when groups of tan seed heads gracefully arch from the plant’s head, contrasting with the rest of it’s blue-green foliage.

Here are some of the other reasons why Blue Avena Grass (Helictotrichon sempervirens) is one of our favorite Colorado native plants.

Landscape by Santa Barbara Garden & Landscape Supplies San Marcos Growers

Source: San Marcos Growers via Houzz

It provides year-round interest. So many “favorite” flowers and plants are only visually interesting for brief windows of time, but they don’t necessarily contribute much during their off-seasons. Blue Oat Grass is beautiful all year long, which is a major bonus for Colorado gardens. The spiky and perky plant will stay blue during all four seasons. Then, in mid-summer and under full-sun exposure, its visual interest increases when tan seed heads sprout, making this grass even more colorful.

Traditional Landscape

Source: Missouri Botanical Garden via Houzz

Low-maintenance gardening. One of the greatest benefits of growing native plants is their low-maintenance and drought tolerant characteristics. Blue Avena Grass is no exception — it likes dry, sandy, well-draining soil, which we have plenty of in our Rocky Mountain landscape! Once this plant is established, you’ll hardly have to water it at all.

Traditional Landscape

Source: Missouri Botanical Garden via Houzz

As happy in a container as in the ground. Container gardening adds wonderful visual appeal to your landscape. You can rearrange containers to achieve different looks on smaller patios and deck spaces. Fortunately, Blue Avena Grass is just as happy in a large container as it is in your plant beds or landscapes, which makes it a beautiful addition to your container garden.

You can grow Blue Avena Grass from seed in the spring, or buy more established clumps from a local nursery. Come next spring, you can divide these grass clumps and move transplants to new locations.

Contact Lifescape Colorado, a full landscape design and maintenance firm, to choose the ideal site location for beautiful Colorado native plants.

Colorful Annuals for Spring Container Gardens

There are so many reasons to incorporate container gardens into your Colorado landscape. Hanging or grounded, these gardens provide seasonal color to walkways, porches and patios. Plus, you can plant slightly off-season, since containers can be moved inside or under cover to avoid damage from late spring frosts or storms.

While containers can be planted with perennials, such as succulent containers, most landscapers use annuals to enjoy vibrant colors in different seasons.

The following are five superstar annuals for your spring container and basket gardens.

Source: Proven Winners via Houzz

Superbells Lemon Slice (Calibrachoa hybrid). Ready for some sunshine in your landscape? Superbells Lemon Slice look similar to petunias, but are actually Calibrachoa hybrids. They’re unique, bright and decidedly cheerful. They prefer full sun and require moderate water.


Source: Log House Plants

Superbells Dreamsicle (Calibrachoa hybrid). Here’s another fun Calibrachoa hybrid for you in practically edible shades of pink, orange, yellow and purple. They’re colorful and interesting enough to be the sole star of a container or two.


Source: Dave’s Garden

Chinese Spinach, Joseph’s Coat (Amaranthus tricolor). There are multiple reasons to use this hardy annual in your baskets or containers. The first is their unique, tri-color foliage that boasts color nearly year-round. The second is that its blooming period stretches from summer through fall. Thirdly, it can handle everything but soggy soil, making it a versatile addition with other plants.

Jewel of Africa

Source: H ELITE

Jewel of Africa (Tropaeolum majus). If you’re a gardener who appreciates the finished product more than the process, you can save some time by planting Jewel of Africas in a basket or container located where the plant can climb (it can grow up to 8-feet). It blooms in a variety of shades, including salmon, peach, apricot, scarlet and dark cream.

Source: Le jardinet via Houzz

Bonfire Begonia (Begonia boliviensis hybrid). What’s not to love about the Bonfire Begonia? It’s a stunner when trailing out of baskets, hates anything more than average watering, loves full sun and will draw humming birds like crazy from summer until our first fall frost.

Don’t forget that Lifescape Colorado offers landscape maintenance services, so you can enjoy healthy and colorful Colorado container gardens for most of our four seasons.