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Lifescape Colorado & Colorado Homes & Lifestyles Host Design Talks in the Community

The weather in Colorado is finally starting to feel more like summer, so we thought it was a fitting time to celebrate the warmth by hosting a Networking by Design event with Colorado Homes & Lifestyles Magazine on May 15. The event got off to a great start with delectable food provided by Krave Colorado Catering — we could hardly stop ourselves from seconds (and thirds)! Guests were also able to enjoy music courtesy of ListenUp, play cornhole, and converse well into the evening.

We absolutely adore hosting events geared towards bringing together design professionals and encouraging collaboration and innovation within the design and landscape industries. The opportunity to connect with people we can share our experience and services with is practically priceless!

Colorado Homes & Lifestyles Magazine

We had such a great time at the event. Source: Colorado Homes & Lifestyle Magazine

At Lifescape, we’re always excited for the opportunity to share our love for creating and maintaining sustainable outdoor spaces. Through the nourishment of natural beauty, we hope to enhance our community and conserve our planet’s natural resources. We carry our projects from conception to actualization, and our attention to detail sets us apart from our competitors. Some of our most sought after services include:

  • Weekly turf and irrigation for your lawn.
  • Weekly or biweekly garden maintenance.
  • Development of a comprehensive three year plan to enhance your landscape.
  • Help with horticulture.
  • Winter care.
  • Water efficiency.
  • Design and implementation of xeriscapes and rain gardens.

There’s no better time than now to educate yourself on how you can increase your property value and the enjoyment you receive from your outdoor spaces. Our love of Colorado native plants inspires us to constantly innovate ways to reduce our carbon footprint and design landscapes for sustainability. Sustainability is more than just a beautiful landscape — it’s an ongoing, in-depth process, and events like this one remind us why we love what we do!

Whether you’re in need of weekly landscape services, fine gardening, or water management, Lifescape is here to help. Our work with the “Mountain Modern” project was featured in Colorado Homes & Lifestyles’ June issue as Home of the Year. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Optimum Gardening Solutions for Sandy, Dry Soil

Wouldn’t it be great if you had the perfect soil for your garden? Few gardeners do. If you have sandy, dry soil, we have some solutions for designing, growing, and planting in these conditions.

When it comes to designing a landscape with sandy, dry soil, you can find inspiration in desert or beach environments. These are sparsely planted and have a lot of the soil visible so the plants all get enough nutrients and can be properly maintained with limited resources. Plants often include drought-tolerant plants and succulents. Water features are kept to a minimum to reduce water evaporation.

Optimum Gardening Solutions for Sandy, Dry Soil

Succulents are great for sandy landscapes. Source: Pixabay

Paths, such as slightly elevated wooden boardwalks, may be added to prevent the sandy soil from being disrupted by feet and the soil from entering your home. Other hardscaping elements such as gravel, boulders, and stone pavers, walls, and sculptures help fill in the sparseness of the plantings and offer a modern look.

If you have the opportunity to install permeable pavement for hardscapes or driveways, sandy soil is one of the best materials for helping to promote drainage through the pavement. The permeable pavement allows water to filter through the soil below rather than turn into runoff.

Optimum Gardening Solutions for Sandy, Dry Soil

Add pavers and gravel to help sandy gardens have more of an appeal. Source: Lifescape Colorado

While sandy soils are great for drainage, they can also be a challenge because they may not hold water and nutrients well enough to suit some plants. For this reason, the best plants are ones that can thrive in dry, nutrient-poor soils.

Here is a do-it-yourself soil test to determine the composition of your soil if you’re unsure. All soils can be amended with compost and organic materials, such as leaves, to help it build up nutrients and be better suited to whatever you want to plant.

Contact Lifescape with your questions on landscaping with sandy soil.

Hide the Imperfections of the Yard with Garden Accessories

Every yard has some undesirable features that leave owners searching for creative solutions. A small landscape that needs more privacy or an unattractive element such as an air conditioning unit that needs to be hidden are just a couple common problems we hear about. Luckily, there are many ways to address these issues.

Let’s begin with hiding the air conditioning unit. You could simply fence it in with fencing that matches an existing fence or other element of your home or exterior. Second, you could build a decorative structure to enclose the unit as well as offer additional storage space for garden tools.

Hide the Imperfections of the Yard with Garden Accessories

Hide the air conditioning unit with a nice fence that also serves to provide storage. Source: Houzz

If you’re undergoing a large renovation anyway, you can choose to locate all outdoor utilities and storage in one attractive closet enclosure that can fit seamlessly into your landscape. Another option is adding architectural or vegetation screens around the unit to visually hide it. Finally, design your landscape such that it doesn’t draw attention to the unit with a pathway or feature that draws the eye away from it, for example.

Next, let’s talk about increasing the privacy of your landscape even with a small yard and close neighbors. The go-to solution is a privacy screen or wall, but there are so many options to think about. We like solutions that incorporate plants or vegetation, such as a row of planters with tall grass-like plants, screens covered with climbing plants, and the strategic placement of hedges to increase privacy.

Hide the Imperfections of the Yard with Garden Accessories

Keep your garden and space private with a privacy wall. Source: Lifescape Colorado

When it comes to privacy screens and walls, you can really get creative with the side that faces your yard. Screens with geometric patterns add a stunning visual element, while adding an oversized chalkboard or a climbing wall for the kids can add a fun twist. A simple horizontal wood privacy wall creates a modern vibe when paired with bamboo. You can even play with lighting effects by choosing translucent glass or plastic panels that filter sunlight for your wall.

What are your concerns about your landscape? Let us know by leaving a comment.

Colorado Homes & Lifestyles Names Lifescape Project as 2015 Home of the Year

Lifescape has added yet another accolade to their growing list of awards and praise with their work on the “Mountain Modern” project. The home, an 11,500 square foot retreat in Evergreen, Colo. owned by Kirk and Grace Eberl, was named as the 2015 Home of the Year by Colorado Homes & Lifestyles magazine.

Mountain Modern

Mountain Modern

Before Lifescape was contacted to help with integrating the landscape into the homeowner’s vision of the house, much of the hardscape was completed by the homeowner and architect, David Barrett.

“We wanted a house that rose out of the land like a tree,” Grace told Colorado Homes & Lifestyles

Moutain Modern

Moutain Modern

Lifescape helped make that come true. When Lifescape came onto the project, they helped blend together the architecture of the house with the rest of the landscape. What the blending of the two visions created was a softened ruggedness of the hardscape that transitioned seamlessly back into the natural surrounds of the 160-acre property.

Mountain Modern

Mountain Modern

Senior Designer LeAnn Ostheimer, who took the lead on the project for Lifescape, was the tip of the spear when it came to selecting the foliage and landscaping material, as well as designing the pathways, garden patios, landscape lighting, driveway, and boulder outcroppings. Her work with blending the native meadow adjacent to the house with nature was instrumental in bringing the homeowner’s vision to life.

For more information on the project, or to find out how Lifescape can your dream home vision come to life, contact Lifescape today.

Designing Intimate Outdoor Rooms for Homes

Having a yard is great, but how do you make it feel cozy? Maybe you have a small backyard and aren’t sure what to do with it. You need to divide up your landscape for different uses or features. One great feature to add to your yard is an outdoor living room, where you can relax, dine, or entertain.

Designing Intimate Outdoor Rooms for Homes

Source: Lifescape Colorado

You can approach your outdoor room just as you would any indoor living space. You will need furniture, flooring (even if it’s just grass), a style, color scheme, etc., not to mention plants and perhaps a water feature. If you’re struggling to decide on a style, French garden style is a classic choice that suits just about any space. This is because of the symmetry and order of the style.

Some hallmarks of French garden style are geometric shapes, boxwood hedges, well-manicured shrubs, neat garden beds, lavender and stone. If you have a small courtyard, this style would translate very well.

One way to combine an intimate outdoor room and lots of plantings is a pocket garden. If you’re short on lawn area, make your outdoor room feel just as lush by adding dense groupings of planters to create an urban jungle. You can even use mirrors to make the space feel larger. Another small space strategy is to choose a simple neutral color palette and make use of every square foot, such as using built-in benches on a balcony.

Short on budget? You need little more than a picnic table, some string lights, and climbing plants to create an inexpensive outdoor entertaining area.

lifescape colorado outdoor living

Source: Lifescape Colorado

Need more ideas for your small yard? Consider adding some lighting to extend your use of an outdoor room to night time. Add a new outdoor area rug to pull your seating area together or refresh an existing one. If you’re laying pavers, align them diagonally to create the illusion of more space. Especially in a small space, choose properly scaled furnishings and avoid clutter.

What are your suggestions for creating an intimate outdoor room? Let us know by leaving a comment.