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Plan now for Spring Color!

Fall is the perfect time to begin preparing your garden for the spring and Lifescape is here to help. In order to create a garden that will be filled with color throughout the spring, there are important steps needing to be taken before the ground freezes. Hardy flowering bulbs need to be planted at just the right time with just the right conditions in order to get the best results for Spring.

Photo courtesy of Spring Hill Nurseries

The following tips are how we are successfully planting spring flowering bulbs in gardens this fall:

  1. Plant bulbs before the freezing temperatures arrive.

While it’s hard to say exactly when the temperatures will hit freezing in Colorado, September and October are usually a safe time to prepare gardens for the spring. It is important to make sure that bulbs are planted before the soil freezes.

Photo courtesy of Spring Hill Nurseries

  1. Take the time to prepare your soil.

For your bulbs to thrive, they will need well-draining soil. Clay soil will need to be loosened up and tilled and amended with compost or organics.

Photo courtesy of Spring Hill Nurseries

  1. Select a variety of bulbs that will extend your blooming season.

To create a spring garden that continuously blooms throughout the season, select bulbs that will bloom at different points in the spring. For example, we plant early and late blooming tulips for lasting color. Crocus also tend to bloom early and will help to welcome the spring season. Daffodils offer bountiful blooms and are deer resistant. Allium bulbs will give your garden a modern look. The more bulbs that planted now, the better spring gardens will look.

Photo courtesy of Spring Hill Nurseries

Our crew of professionals at Lifescape Colorado are ready to help create and maintain beautiful flowering bulb beds throughout the year for your home. Contact us to learn more about our year-round garden and landscape maintenance services.

Winter Landscaping Preventative Maintenance

An upper-level pressure ridge is keeping record high temperatures across all of Colorado. The heat has delayed typical fall landscape duties, but winter is coming. You might be wearing short sleeves and shorts, but now is the time to prepare your landscape with preventative maintenance.

  • Plant Your Bulbs – If you are in search of a colorful yard next spring, now is the time to plant some beautiful fall bulbs. Some of the most popular fall bulbs are Tulips, Daffodils, Crocus, and Allium. All of these perform well if you plant them now for a spring bloom.

mixed crocus

  • One Last Mow – Your yard’s growth has slowed dramatically. You will see little to no growth over the next several months, so make sure you aerate and mow the grass one last time. Keep the leaves on the ground to provide the lawn with compost, which will act as a natural soil conditioner. Aeration allows water, oxygen, and nutrients to reach the roots of your lawn and help ward off plant diseases. All this will keep the grass looking neat and trim while ensuring your lawn is ready for vibrant growth next spring.

Last Chance to Mow for Winter

  • Last Chance for Fertilizer – Use a high-potassium fertilizer since this will help push energy to the roots for better overwintering. If you drive growth with Nitrogen now, the grass is setup for more winter kill. If you have a properly aerated lawn, there is still enough warmth and moisture to strengthen up your yard’s root system.


Source ColoradoanSource: Coloradoan
  • Winterize Your Irrigation System – Make sure your pipes and sprinkler system is winterized and ready for the cold. For your home, this means more than just cutting off the water to the outside. If gravity doesn’t clear them, consider using an air compressor to blow the water out of the pipes. Also, be sure to back drain your interior pipes to eliminate the risk of bursting.

Whether winter or spring, for help maintaining your landscape in all seasons call Lifescape today at 303.831.8310 for a free quote from our award-winning landscape experts.

Grand Opening of Lifescape Colorado’s New Location

Lifescape celebrating 40th Anniversary & Grand Opening of New Location

For the past 40 years, Since 1976, Lifescape Colorado has created amazing landscapes around Denver and now we are in remodel mode at our new location able to do something for ourselves!

Lifescape Colorado Grand Opening InvitationAfter an enjoyable experience in the Rhino district, Lifescape has opened our new offices slightly south off of Platte River Drive in a facility that allows all our departments to be in one location.

Our Landscape Architecture team assists our customers with the initial consultation and conceptual design of their new or existing landscape. Construction operations finalize a project’s scope and implement the plan, and the maintenance service team walks through aftercare. To ensure it will not only look great after it is built but evolve beautifully with similar appeal and less impact on our natural resources.

As a company, we have followed a similar strategy for our new place of business. Our new design center and yard will showcase to our customers how Lifescape created a landscape with an emphasis on sustainability, executed the plan and will maintain it for years to come.

We want to thank all our partners in the design community and our wonderful clients that have allowed us to be their trusted landscape advisors for the past 40 years. We would not have the successful projects to show for it without them. Be sure to stop by, help us celebrate 40 years of excellence with us and learn how we can create an eco-conscious design you will cherish for another 40 years.

For more information about how we can assist with your project, please contact us at 303.831.8310.

Many thanks to all that joined us for our Grand Opening Celebration. Here are a few pictures from the event.

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Gorgeous Grasses To Design With

Feather Reed Grass - 7-14-16

Grass serves as the foundation of most backyards and gardens, but it can also be used to incorporate amazing designs while also keeping water consumption down. Check out these ornamental grasses that are ideal for Colorado landscapes.


Ornamental grasses like Blue Avena or Little Bluestem require very low water with attractive silvery blue foliage. Elijah Blue fescue clumps gracefully and produces blue-green leaves. Switchgrass can grow up to four feet tall in a vase-shape that turns bronze in the fall.

Source: Gardening Know HowSource: Gardening Know How

Sod-forming grasses like Buffalo is great low maintenance turf that long for the warm seasons, staying dormant in the spring and growing during the summer.

Miscanthus grass -7-14-16

If yours is a moderately moist garden in Colorado’s semiarid climate, Feather reed grass is popular due to its straight greenish flower spikes in the summer that turn tan and last throughout the winter.  Miscanthus grasses also have beautiful plumes and add winter texture to any landscape.

Blue Fescue Grass -7-14-16

If you’re searching for an annual grass, Ruby grass or ‘Pink Crystals’ is good for fresh or dried arrangements with ruby pink blooms in the summer that turn white with the winter snow. ‘Purple Majesty’ millet stands out with bottlebrush flower stalks with purple leaves. Get creative, layer and combine several of your favorite grasses and you will create a modern masterpiece in your garden!

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Take Your Meal Outside and Enjoy the Benefits

It may come as some surprise to you that part of the reason you like eating outside is because it’s also good for you! That’s right — when the weather is nice, you can feast at a backyard picnic and experience health benefits at the same time. Some of our favorite memories are of family outings to the park with ducks quacking, sun rays shining, and baskets full of yummy food. So, if you’re looking for more reasons to take your lunch break outside, here are just a few:

eating outdoors

Source: Shutterstock

  • Get your fill of vitamin D. Vitamin D works wonders for the human body. It boosts the immune system, increases heart health, improves some skin conditions, and is said to help prevent bone diseases. You can find it in many foods and in sunlight! UVB radiation from the sun is converted into the vitamin by a form of cholesterol in your skin.
  • Lift your spirits. Ever heard of cabin fever? Studies show that people who live in areas with limited sunlight are more susceptible to mood disorders such as depression and anxiety. Spending even an hour outside can make a huge difference in maintaining a healthy mood, and our design professionals can help plan and construct an outdoor living area you’ll love spending time in.
  • Boost concentration. Recent studies say children with attention disorders can experience increased focus if they spend plenty of time outside. To help persuade them to take their playtime in nature, you can devise kid-friendly areas like sand boxes and outdoor art easels.
  • Stay active with help from the outdoors. After you relish in a breezy afternoon snack, take advantage of the weather and go for a stroll with the dogs and kids, take a bike ride, or skate a few laps around the park. Both your legs and your spirit will thank you!

    outdoor eating

    Source: Shutterstock

Dining outside is something your whole family should be able to enjoy, and a great patio should be able to offer you the right setting to do so. For help updating or creating a wonderful, functional outdoor living area, contact Lifescape today.