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Plan Now for a Colorful Spring Landscape

Although we’re currently in the thick of fall, now is the ideal time to start planning for your spring landscape. By working with a landscape professional now, you can plan for beautiful color, proactively make changes and add hardscapes, outdoor living or other features to enhance your outdoor space.

Here are some ways that the Lifescape team will help you plan a beautiful spring landscape:

1. Plant bulbs.


Fall is the ideal time to plant bulbs. Bulbs must be planted before the ground freezes but in time to go through the chilling process that is necessary for them to bloom properly in spring. A Lifescape expert will help you determine the best varieties to plant and the optimal locations in your landscape for tulips, daffodils, and other colorful spring flowers to provide maximum impact.

2. Incorporate hardscapes.

Hardscapes are an attractive way to highlight flower beds, walkways and walls. The fall is a great time to replace cracked concrete drives, walkways and patios with permeable interlocking pavers that allow for the movement of rainwater through the surface. Our talented designers can help you incorporate hardscapes into your landscape, enhancing your home’s year-round curb appeal.

3. Plant trees and shrubs.

Adding trees and shrubs to your landscape will provide shade, beauty and wind protection for your outdoor living space. Planting in the fall before the ground freezes will allow them to establish root systems and be better prepared for beautiful spring growth.


4. Avoid the spring rush.

Many homeowners choose to wait until spring to make enhancements to their landscape. This, along with the natural cycle of growth makes spring the busiest time of year for landscapers. Avoid the spring rush by scheduling projects in the fall while our Team has more availability and can complete your landscape upgrade quickly.

Enjoy the colorful spring garden that you’ve always wanted. Contact Lifescape now to make the most of our beautiful fall weather.

Looking Back at 2016

Before making proclamations and promises for the New Year, let’s take a moment to look back on some of the highlights from an amazing 2016.

Lifescape Anniversary

A celebration 40 years in the making

Lifescape has been recognized as a high-touch landscape architecture, construction, and maintenance company and this past year marked 40 years of crafting a reputation for creative and sustainable designs, installation, and maintenance for residential and commercial projects.

A new location!

The company’s success created growth, so much so that the location in the Rhino district became too small to house all our departments. After an exhaustive search, and renovations to our new location , we opened our new offices slightly south off of Platte River Drive.

Dan DeGrush right and John Buchanan with Colorado Design Consortium won a CARE Award from HBA for Landscape Remodel.

Dan DeGrush right and John Buchanan with Colorado Design Consortium won a CARE Award from HBA for Landscape Remodel.

Individual Accolades

In March, Brant Zirker was named this year’s Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado (ALCC) ELITE awards company MVP for constantly going above and beyond the call of duty for each and every client. Six months later at the Colorado Awards for Remodeling Excellence (CARE) Awards, landscape architect Dan DeGrush was awarded a gold medal for his work with the Colorado Design Consortium.

Lifescape Wins NALP Grand National Award LANDSCAPES

Company-wide Awards

In June, Colorado Homes and Lifestyles Magazine gave Home of the Year Honors to our work on nearly 8,000 square feet of outdoor deck and patio space at a Pikes Peak property. Four months later at LANDSCAPES, the signature event for National Association of Landscape Professionals, Lifescape won a Grand National Award for our work on the Polo Club Villa project.

We would love to share the secrets to our success with you. For more information about creating something special for 2017, contact us today at 303.831.8310 or stop by our new location.

The Importance of Snow Removal


It’s all fun and games to sing, “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…” until it does. Snow removal in Colorado is never top on a list of anyone’s favorite things to do, but being prepared is the key to keeping it manageable, as well as preserving your walkways and drive.

Peruse this checklist to make sure you’re prepared for snow removal this winter season.

Source: bang via morgueFile

Protect your landscape. Once the snow gets high enough, it can be difficult to tell where to stop shoveling. Before you know it, you will have hacked away at some of your prized trees and shrubs. By lining your planter beds with tall stakes, you’ll be able to tell where walkways and paths stop, and where fragile plant materials begin. Also, never shake the snow off your plants or shrubs. The frozen branches can snap off, doing irreversible damage to your plants.

Ice melters. You can purchase eco-friendly deicing products at your local hardware store. Typical deicers, or melters, have chloride, which can be destructive to both your plant and animal friends. Look for pet- and plant-safe, chloride-free products. These can even be applied before the storm to help prevent ice from sticking to hard surfaces.

Snow blowers and shovels. Invest in a snow blower that can do the backbreaking work for you. Once the bulk of the snow is out of the way, use an ergonomically designed shovel that prevents repeat bending. Avoid pileups next to the foundation or against wood, where moisture damage is a costly potential.

Act fast. Time is of the essence when it comes to safety. Ice is incredibly dangerous. The longer you wait between the storm and your snow removal, the more ice has a chance to build up. Try to shovel mid-storm to lighten your load.

Hire professionals. Lifescape offers professional snow removal in Colorado. You can schedule our services regularly, or keep us on call when you are on vacation. We make sure your walkways are safe and your landscape is protected.

Not sure if a snow removal product is landscape-friendly? Contact Lifescape today, and we’ll let you know.

Landscaping Design Ideas: Dressing Up Driveways

Since the driveway is one of the first features experienced when entering the property, why not make it an enjoyable experience? A beautiful driveway design can set the tone for the rest of the home and property, making a a wonderful first impression. Here are some design tips for transforming a driveway into a beautiful and welcoming feature of the landscape.

Instead of a lawn, turn the front yard next to the driveway into a tall, lush garden. Plants that blend multiple colors, textures and heights will ensure vibrancy and variety.

colorado landscaping

Source: Peter A. Sellar via Houzz

If the driveway curves around to the front of the house, a defined island of greenery in the middle of the yard can become a canvas for an interesting garden design that creates a focal point while also hiding the driveway.

Good landscape design requires a degree of cohesion so that it does not appear haphazard. But this does not mean the landscape has to be completely uniform. Plus, it’s difficult to use the same type of plants across the whole property as Colorado landscapes often contain several microclimates. The front yard may receive full sun while the backyard may receive mostly shade, for example. Despite this, cohesiveness in the general feel can be achieved by coordinating colors and heights.

In our region, if you want a landscape that will remain interesting year-round, it must be designed to be water-wise. A drought-tolerant landscape design around the driveway can be achieved by using native groundcovers and/or decorative natural stone instead of grass. Drought tolerant plants such as yuccas and cacti can also be planted to line the driveway, adding texture and height. Finally, flowers native to Colorado can be mixed in to add splashes of color.

landscapers colorado

Source: CK Architects via Houzz

If you are ready to transform your front yard to achieve a beautiful landscape from the start of your driveway to your front door, contact the landscape design professionals at Lifescape.

Playing with Height to Enhance Landscapes

When surrounded by mountains or the Denver city skyline, it’s easy for residential landscapes to get lost in the mix. There are, however, ways to make sure the individual elements in your Colorado landscape are getting the attention they deserve. One of the most common ways is to play with height.

In the same way that color adds interest and variety to landscapes, height – when done right – can take landscapes from boring to breathtaking. The key is to make sure you are incorporating a variety of heights in your landscape. If you have plants that are staggered in height, they are less likely to compete with each other. Not to mention landscapes with height will help to enhance the look and feel of your home. As Adrian Kay says on his blog Dream Landscaping Ideas, it’s all about achieving balance.

“Concentrating your landscape plans on the ground alone is a very natural thing to do, but it will end up drawing the eye downwards making the house, boundary walling and any other features seem far more prominent. And this in turn will detract from the balance of your whole front or backyard.”

So to help you create an interesting, beautiful, and balanced landscape, consider playing with height in the following ways.

  • Add barriers such as fences, retaining walls, screens, or trellises.
  • Install overhead structures such as arbors, canopies, or pergolas.
  • Incorporate tall plantings such as trees, bamboo, shrubs, climbers, hedges, and perennials.

It doesn’t have to be all about looks, too. Consider ways that these features can be used to add extra value. We love the way this light, sail-like screen stretches over this outdoor living space to not only adds height but provides comfortable shade, too.

outdoor living design ideas

Photo via HGTV


How do you like to play with height in your landscape? We’d love to hear your thoughts in a comment below.