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Stylish Hardscapes for Gardens with Pets

Are you using this fall and winter season to plan beautiful landscape and hardscape designs for the warm season? Typically, we advise clients to take a moment to consider how the people in the household envision using the landscape and yard space before making any permanent plans. If you’re a pet owner, however, we recommend taking a few extra moments to consider how the animals in your life use your back and side yard.

Tips for Designing Stylish Hardscapes for Gardens with Pets

There’s no doubt about it; pets can wreak havoc on your landscape. The more you can identify your pets’ patterns in the yard, the better we can plan for stylish hardscape designs that will protect the look and function of your outdoor spaces without sacrificing style. Here are some design features to think about:

Pathways. Is there an area of the yard that Fido loves to race through? If so, we bet the plants, grass and other greenery in that area look a little worse for wear. Plus, if you’re not careful, a rogue branch or thorn can cause physical harm to an exuberant pet. Most animals are creatures of habit so why not convert this popular “run” into a bona-fide pathway, complete with pavers, concrete slabs, or pebbles.

Source: Lifescape Colorado

Source: Lifescape Colorado

Patios. Most pets have favorite snoozing or lounging zones. In the summer months, this is most likely a north-facing wall that provides a cool shady spot. In the winter, they may choose a southern- or western-facing area. These can be good spots to add a patio or deck space, easy to clean off year-round.

Hardscaping materials. Make sure your hardscaping materials are also pet-friendly. In most cases, we recommend pavers set with a little space in between them. They’re easy on paws, can be hosed down when needed and the spaces ensure excess water is recycled back into the ground. Plus, you can grow gorgeous greenery in between the spaces for a more natural look.

Ready to design pet-friendly and stylish hardscape features for your Colorado landscape? Contact Lifescape and we’ll be happy to help.

Enhance Your Landscape with a Gorgeous Courtyard Design

Enhance Your Landscape with a Gorgeous Courtyard Design

Source: Lifescape Colorado

A courtyard is a private oasis in the best sense. It is a place to sit in peace surrounded by nature or entertain guests, while having all of the conveniences of home just a few steps away. Here are some tips for creating beautiful courtyard designs.

Create Comfortable Sitting Areas

In small courtyards, creating sitting areas is as simple as setting up a small table and chairs. Larger courtyards call for a different approach, however, to keep things visually balanced. One method uses the same principals that interior designers use for defining separate spaces indoors. Creating several small sitting areas, each with their own unique views or special aesthetic, breaks up the space and adds warmth and comfort. Here we built a low, semi-circle wall with built-in seating. The fire pit makes this area cozier, even on chilly mornings or evenings.

Pathways for Function and Beauty

Easily navigable walkways make a courtyard more welcoming, and the design and colors used can enhance other architectural or landscape features, creating design cohesion. For this pathway, we used colors and materials that complemented other features of the home and landscape.

Designing a Side Court

Side yards can be put to wonderful use as a singular courtyard or as part of your front or back courtyards. The wall opposite the home will strongly influence the ambiance of this space, so add beauty to it where you can. One way is to add a fountain, as we did in this side court, and flank it with lush greenery in raised beds.

Soften Hardscaping with Plants

Hardscape features can serve dual purposes for privacy and decoration. Without the softening influence of plants, however, they can make the space feel cold and empty. Use plants to cover walls or place container arrangements nearby. The planter atop the pillar here adds visual appeal to the sitting area and creates a transition between the courtyard area and the surrounding landscape.

Lifescape’s talented landscape architects and designers can help make your courtyard dreams come to life. Contact us today to learn about our services.

October is a Time for Pruning

Since severe winter storms are just around the corner, October is a great month to start pruning your Colorado garden. Here are a couple important tips that explain why pruning is important and how it can help your trees and shrubs make it through the winter unscathed.

Other by Menlo Park Media & Bloggers Janet Paik

Source: Janet Paik via Houzz

There are several reasons why fall is an excellent time for pruning. Deciduous trees and shrubs have lost most, if not all, of their leaves and this makes pruning much easier. More importantly, most trees are going into dormancy and pruning them at this time won’t encourage them to develop tender new growth susceptible to frost damage.

colorado landscape maintenance

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Since Colorado often experiences heavy snowfall, there is another, and very important, reason to prune in the fall. Snow-covered trees are susceptible to damage from broken branches and can topple in high winds. Removing dead branches and reducing a tree’s crown mass can prevent serious problems. While shrubs don’t pose the same danger as falling trees, many still require some fall pruning to remain healthy and attractive.

colorado landscape maintenance

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

To start, first, prune away any dead or diseased branches. Dead branches can snap easily in a winter storm and they also serve no good purpose for the plants. In addition, cutting away diseased stems can keep the condition from spreading. Next, cut away branches that form weak, narrow crotches. The goal of this pruning is to create a tree structure that can better withstand high winds and heavy snow. The strongest branches are typically those that grow out from the trunk at a 90 degree angle. Any branches that overhang a structure should also be cut back.

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Design by Lifescape Colorado

Always remember that Lifescape Colorado’s professional, well-trained crew can take care of your fall gardening and landscaping maintenance chores. Just let us know, and we’ll complete the heavy work.

Why Fall Leaves are Your Garden’s Best Friend

Are fall leaves getting the best of you? Sounds like it’s time to put them to work in your favor. Dried, dead leaves are one of Mother Nature’s best fertilizers. Without them, our forest floors wouldn’t provide the same quality of rich, loamy soil needed to nurture buried seeds. In fact, without leaves, moisture would evaporate more quickly and pests and diseases would have a better chance at gaining access to tender new shoots.

Traditional Exterior by Fairfield General Contractors Tallman Segerson Builders

Source: Tallman Segerson Builders via Houzz

While they may feel like the enemy at times, in truth, fall leaves are one of your garden’s best friends. Here are some important facts to know about fall leaves.

Traditional Landscape by Wheat Ridge Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers Jocelyn H. Chilvers

Source: Jocelyn H. Chilvers via Houzz

They’re jam-packed with nutrients. Trees roots worked hard all spring and summer extracting nutrients from the soil to feed their trunks, branches, stems and leaves. Those leaves are now full of phytonurtrients that will be recycled back into the soil for the next generation. Phytonutrients also feed earthworms and microbes that improve soil quality.

Modern Spaces by Wheat Ridge Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers Jocelyn H. Chilvers

Source: Jocelyn H. Chilvers via Houzz

Leaf mulch is economical. In a Houzz article, Therese Ciesinsky talks about her town’s “leaf collecting day.” Residents blow fallen leaves into the street and a municipal truck comes along to vacuum them up. She writes, “What I see being vacuumed up are dollar bills, the money these homeowners will spend next year on lawn and garden fertilizers, mulch and bagged compost.” Instead, use a mulching lawn mower to gather and mulch leaves to use for your spring and summer gardens. Doing so can put hundreds of dollars back into your pockets.

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Source: Gardeners

Organic matter improves soil structure. Our Rocky Mountain geography is comprised predominantly of sandy, well-draining soil. While this is suitable for our most hardy native plants, your landscape’s soil will appreciate the structure provided by additional organic matter from leaf and kitchen compost.

Are you planning on removing fallen leaves from your landscape? The Lifescape Colorado maintenance team will be happy to remove fallen leaf material and compost it for you. Contact us online or give us a call at 303.831.8310 today.

Popular Plants to Grow in October

October brings chillier weather to Colorado, but that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to enjoy a colorful garden. Many plants offer beautiful fall interest and can thrive well in our climate all year long. Here are five to consider growing in your garden this October.

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Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Compact White Fir: The compact white fir’s (Abies concolor ‘Candicans’) silver needles can provide an interesting contrast to other plants in your landscape. Placing these near other evergreens or showy fall shrubs can accentuate the colors in your garden.

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Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Cyclamen hederifolium or C. coum: These flowering plants offer attractive foliage in late summer. C. hederifolium’s pink blooms arrive in September, while C. coum blooms in the winter. Plant them in the ground or in containers with well-draining potting soil. Cyclamen is hardy in zones 5 – 9.

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Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Serviceberry: This small tree provides colorful interest with stunning fall foliage, beautiful winter bark, white blooms in the spring and dark berries in the summer. Serviceberry (Amelanchier laevis), is also drought-tolerant, isn’t too picky about sun or shade, is low maintenance and grows well in zones 2 – 9, making it suitable for any Colorado garden.

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Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Oakleaf Hydrangea: Hydrangeas are well known for their large blooms, but the Oakleaf Hydrangea (Hydrangea quercifolia) also offers eye-catching, deep red foliage in the fall. As a low-maintenance plant that is hardy in zones 4 – 9, the Oakleaf Hydrangea is an attractive, practical plant to grow here in October.

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Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Witch Hazel: You may be familiar with witch hazel for its medicinal use as an astringent. However, the shrub’s value goes beyond the medicine cabinet. It is a showy plant with colorful blooms and foliage for visual interest. You might opt for the Ozark (Hamamelis vernalis) variety in the fall for its vibrant orange foliage.

Remember that Lifescape Colorado can help you bring your fall garden dreams to life. We offer many gardening and landscape services, including maintenance packages to meet your needs. Contact us today or visit our landscape services page to learn more.