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Eclectic Outdoor Garden Styles


Source: Matt Kilburn via Houzz

There’s no cardinal rule of landscaping that says you can’t mix design styles. In fact, two of the most well-known early-20th century garden designers, architect Edwin Lutyens and plantswoman Gertrude Jekyll, were known for doing just that. Lutyens designed hardscapes and used Jekyll’s intuitive ability to choose plants that would create a unique and special garden space.

You can incorporate some of their techniques to create an eclectic Colorado garden design in your backyard landscape.


Source Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture via Houzz

Understand the role of architectural hardscapes

The hardscape designs form both the skeleton of your finished landscape, as well as unique features. Think carefully about how you can use the classic geometry of hardscaping to create walkways, plant beds, terraces and water features. Then, think a little outside the box to give them a different or creative flair.


Source: Kathleen Shaeffer Design, Exterior Spaces via Houzz

Masculine and feminine

Formal landscape designs lean more towards the masculine. It’s all about straight edges, symmetrical, geometric shapes and solid boundaries. You can appreciate the beauty of a formal hardscape design and then soften the edges by using rounded, draping and flowering plants.


Source: Pam Adams via Houzz

Be creative

Remember, we mentioned combining classic hardscape geometry with a creative twist? There are many ways to go about this. One example is the use of a traditional concrete walkway that becomes a part of a water feature’s path. Incorporate art pieces during the warm, dry season and use sculptures as a means of adding the unexpected to your landscape. Traditionally, a line of garden containers is planted with uniformly formal plants. You can shift the tradition by planting them with a variation of softer, asymmetrical plants.


Source: Shades Of Green Landscape Architecture via Houzz

Make a graceful entrance

The entrance to the home is often an area where architects lean toward a more formal design, since this makes a more dramatic impression. You can enjoy a very classic and formal entryway, while still experiencing the graceful and feminine energy provided by groundcover that intentionally spills over onto walkways.

Contact Lifescape Colorado to begin creating your own eclectic Colorado backyard design. Or, turn to our landscape maintenance team to keep your garden looking its best all year long.

Bold Container Garden Designs


Source: Little Miracles Designs via Houzz

Bold container gardening is a simple way to impact your landscape design. Containers can fill a small garden space with a variety of blooms. And if you rent your home, you’ll have a fully landscaped yard that can move with you to your next home. Containers can be as permanent or as transient as you like. When Colorado container gardens are thoughtfully planned out, they add visual interest year-round.

Here are ideas for incorporating bold container garden designs into your landscape.


Source: AMS Landscape Design Studios, Inc. via Houzz

Consider your architecture

One way to approach container gardens is to consider them an enhancement of your architecture.You can purchase containers that mimic the shape or color of your existing buildings and hardscape, using the plants to enhance decor. In this front yard design, the large terra cotta pots match similarly tinted pavers and form a wall-like hardscape from which the colorful geraniums greet visitors and passersby.


Source: BLUE Renovation & Landscape via Houzz


A series of matching containers can be used to stand out on their own, or they can be designed to tie into the surrounding architecture. The use of three vertical concrete pots with boxwood plantings mirrors the tree line and is mirrored again by the miniature versions on the table. You can also group similar pots together for a more powerful impact. The look will change depending on whether you use the same plants or opt to plant them all differently.


Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Bold containers

Your containers themselves can become the visual focus. The clever containers featured on bhg.com are interesting before you even plant them. Look around for used goods that can be re-purposed into container gardens, like tool boxes, slightly chipped ceramics, wheelbarrows or vintage pitchers and tubs.


Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Miniature landscape plans

Consider your containers to be little landscapes when selecting and placing your plants. Create different heights, color patterns and think seasonally to keep them looking great all year. New to landscaping? Use these guides from bhg.com for inspiration, or hire a professional landscape designer to get started.

Contact Lifescape Colorado and design bold container gardens to accent your landscape.

Spanish Gold Broom

Winter is the season for planning landscape changes and garden additions for the upcoming year. Here at Lifescape Colorado, we encourage clients to grow native plants for a hardy and successful landscape. Native plants are able to withstand hot, dry winters and freezing, cold winters without a struggle. They are also less maintenance-intensive than their non-native counterparts. If you’re looking for a new plant to add to your landscape repertoire, we recommend Spanish Gold Broom.

broom spanish gold

Source: Colorado Tree Farm Nursery

Spanish Gold Broom (Cytisus purgans) is originally a native of the Mediterranean, but has adapted to areas with a similarly arid climate, such as our own. It is a medium-sized shrub and naturally maintains a rounded shape, requiring very little pruning. Another benefit is its stems, which remain green all year long. Even after the plant’s leaves begin to fall off in the mid-summer, your landscape will benefit from winter interest.

Some additional benefits of Spanish Gold Broom include:

Color. In addition to the aforementioned evergreen stems, Spanish Gold blooms will reward you with a dramatic and beautiful display of fragrant and bright yellow blossoms. They will begin to bloom in the spring and will remain vibrant through the spring season.

Soil adapted. Our area has some tough soil for plants to contend with. We suggest you amend your soil accordingly. Even so, Spanish Gold Broom has been able to adapt to our native soil amazingly well, which is one of its “hallmark” qualities, according to CSU.

Drought tolerant. In a perfect world, this shrub prefers moderate watering. However, it can withstand a dry season or two and continue to thrive.

Versatile locations. Spanish Gold Broom is only averse to one location – those that are full shade. Otherwise, they do well in partial-shade, filtered sun, partial sun and full sun. In this environment, they will grow between three to five feet high, and from four to six feet wide.

Would you like assistance with your 2014 landscape planning or maintenance? Contact the experts at Lifescape Colorado for recommendations regarding other native plants, and to learn more about our design and maintenance services.

A Colorado Gardener’s January Checklist

If you haven’t already done so, finish checking off the items from our December gardener’s checklist. Then, use this lull between holiday weeks to organize your January checklist, so you’ll be prepared once the New Year’s festivities have ended.

Here are some Colorado gardening tips for your January checklist.


Source: Jocelyn H. Chilvers via Houzz

Water your plants.

There are two reasons irrigation is important during the winter — some years, we just don’t get enough moisture to meet your landscaping needs, in which case irrigation is the key to a healthy spring landscape. Secondly, watering plants before a storm can help keep roots and lower stems safe from sub-freezing temperatures. Follow these instructions from Houzz.com to ensure your plants and trees are adequately hydrated.


Source: Jocelyn H. Chilvers via Houzz

Keep up on snow and ice removal.

Snow and ice are dangerous, and the leading cause of slip and fall accidents in our Rocky Mountain climate. For best results, use eco-friendly de-icing products on your walkways and drives before the storm gets going. This can prevent ice from forming in the first place. Once the storm has ended, start shoveling or snow blowing as soon as possible to minimize the need for de-icing products. Lifescape Colorado offers snow removal services, so give us a call if you’d like professional assistance, or need help while you’re away on vacation.


Source: Jocelyn H. Chilvers via Houzz

Winter is for the birds.

Don’t forget our feathered friends. When the bulk of your garden has been blanketed with monochromatic white, migrating and over-wintering birds will add life and color as they flock to bird feeders and suet. Consult the Audubon Society’s website for expert tips on what and how to feed the wild birds in your backyard.


Source: jocelynsgarden via Houzz

Seed shopping.

One of the best parts of winter is getting to curl up by the fire with hot cocoa and a stack of seed catalogs. Check your stored seeds for viability to avoid purchasing seeds you don’t need.

Contact Lifescape Colorado for more Colorado gardening tips or for professional landscape planning and maintenance.

Light Up Your Landscape This Winter


Source: Land & Water Design via Houzz

Landscape lighting provides a myriad of benefits, ranging from safety to aesthetics. During chilly months, landscape lighting can also help fight winter doldrums, creating a comforting, ambient glow around your landscape. With a few simple modifications, our Lifescape Colorado landscape lighting services can provide energy-efficient lighting solutions to enhance safety and prevent ice slippage.


Source: McKay Landscape Lighting via Houzz

Artistic enhancements

Your outdoor lighting can be both functional and artistic. You can select artistic lamp posts to line your walkways and stairs. They look beautiful by day and at night, and they also cast a unique glow. Backlit panels are a another way to help define patio and pathway boundaries, while providing an illuminated work of art.


Source: Wheeler Kearns Architects via Houzz

Understated safety

Lights are an integral part of nighttime stairway and walkway safety. This is especially true for our cold climate, where slick ice can be hidden under pockets of snow or under the guise of dark. Modern lighting plans can incorporate elegant, understated safety lighting right into the stairways themselves. These small lights provide sufficient lighting for safety without creating a harsh glare.


Source: McKay Landscape Lighting via Houzz

Up and downlights

Optimize your lighting plan to highlight some of your favorite and most picturesque landscape features. You can use landscape lighting to show off a postcard-worthy tree or to transform a line of stark, barren trees into sculptures. The right uplighting, downlighting and backlighting can turn everyday landscape features into works of art by night.


Source: Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture via Houzz

Lighting for ambiance

After the safety issues have all be taken care of, and the appropriate features have been highlighted and lowlighted, you can focus on lighting for ambiance. Colored lights on the patio add a festive atmosphere, while solar twinkle lights lend an element of magic.

Once your lighting plans are finalized and your landscape is illuminated, make sure you have a maintenance plan in place. Lifescape Colorado offers a variety of landscape maintenance services and enhancements to keep your landscape looking fresh year-round.

Contact us to learn more about our Colorado landscape lighting services. We’ll help to keep winter’s dark at bay!