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Dealing With Yellow Grass

Source: Colorado State University

Source: Colorado State University

Do you see patches of straw-colored sections in your yard? While the initial diagnosis may be your turf isn’t getting enough water, there’s a common turf disease making the rounds in Colorado.

Ascochyta leaf blight is a common problem on Kentucky bluegrass lawns according to a report by Colorado State University. The Ascochyta fungus “likely survives as spores” on clippings or dead leaves. That’s why the first line of defense against this problem is proper turf management.

Keeping lawns and plants watered is an important part of proper management. Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado recently released reasons why mulch is good for your landscape, including how the organic materials decrease evaporation rates from your soil by as much as 35 percent.

Mulch insulates plants, suppresses weed growth and provides an even appearance. It comes in a variety of colors and can even be crafted from your local pruning debris. However, you shouldn’t increase your trips out with the lawnmower to create your next batch of mulch.


Frequent mowing and dull mower blades can make the Ascochyta even worse, so it’s important to keep a lawnmower’s blades clean with bleach, especially if it’s being used on multiple properties.

Keys to solving this problem are:

Uniform soil moisture – With properly placed mulch and a well-monitored water irrigation system, drought stress won’t be a concern.

Have patience – Ascochyta blight isn’t a crown or root disease. Therefore while it looks bad on the surface, it’s just that – on the surface. With enough time and normal management practices, your lawn will recover, and new leaves will emerge.

If you are experiencing these issues with your lawn, contact us today at 303.831.8310 and let us help with your lawn maintenance needs.

Trends In Landscaping


By definition, a trend acknowledges a movement in a general direction. Here in Colorado, residents have moved towards enjoying the space outside their home. Take advantage of these trends in your landscape for another reason to step outside.

Outdoor Living: Bring the beauty of your home to the outdoors by extending your living area outside.  Complement your home by bringing design elements outdoors with a new patio or fire feature. Return to your youth with an adult tree house or repurpose a storage container to create a backyard studio. Whether you entertain or utilize the space for artistic expression, ensure your landscape fits your needs.

Landscape Technology: LED lighting or dimmable lights allows you to control the mood from your mobile device. You can also integrate additional controllers like heating elements, an outdoor sound system and smart irrigation controllers to put the power in the palm of your hand.

Edible Gardens: Your hands can be responsible for your meals whether you have a large yard or an urban rooftop garden. Consider trying your hand at gardening and grow your herbs and vegetables. Find a sunny place and build raised garden boxes, place containers or even carve out a small space in a planting bed to create an edible garden. Gardening is green, calming and easy on the pocketbook.

Lifescape ColoradoUpdated Planting: Your garden space can be planted with a color scheme in mind, mixing tone-on-tone to create a fresh look. A container garden can be planted for holiday décor and a pop of seasonal color.  Plan for our four seasons of weather by selecting plantings that provide textures, colors, and evergreen for year round interest.

Modern/Contemporary: Pairing a fountain and a fire pit creates the foundation where mass plantings emit either mystery or harmony. Use raw materials like corten steel or board from concrete to offset and bring a modern edge to your space.

** We are excited to let you know we have moved to our new office at 455 South Platte River Drive. Please change our address on your correspondence. We appreciate your patience during this transition.**

A time of change….Lifescape is moving!

LifeScape is Moving

Spring is a time for new beginnings in nature, and we have some big changes ourselves. Since it is spring, we thought it would be a great time to announce we will soon be moving to our new office location. We will have more room, it will make us more efficient and will benefit our customers as well by having all our departments in one location.

It is our 40th anniversary. It is hard to believe we have been in business creating amazing landscapes around Denver since 1976. We have loved being in the Rhino district, but over the years as our business has grown the space has become too small. We will be moving our office and yard slightly south off of Plate River Drive.

Since we are the experts of landscaping, you can be sure we will do some ourselves as we renovate the building at our new design center. Stop by and watch us grow!

At Lifescape, we have built our business on creating and maintaining the best possible gardens, yards, and landscaping that make your home or business stand out. We will continue to do that, and with our new design center and yard, it will be easier for our customers to see the process from creating the landscape to executing it, maintaining it from start to finish.


Spring Showers

The cliché that April showers bring May flowers is a cliché because it is true. “Spring showers landscaping” takes on more importance as nature offers that benefit naturally.

It is up to you to take advantage of it and use it to make your landscape beautiful and accentuate your home’s appearance.

April showers

Maintenance is key to keeping the yard looking great not just in the spring but all year-round.  Here are a few basic ideas for your yard.

  • Keep plants watered and fertilized properly.
  • Keep weeds down
  • Prune back dead parts of plants
  • Cut off blooms after they have bloomed

Now is the perfect time to take inventory of your landscape. Consider adding annuals, make changes to your lighting or add interest to your patio with a creative paver design.

The spring is a time for new things, so consider what you might do to improve your landscape’s appearance and health with some creative “spring showers landscaping” projects.

Need help with your spring project contact us today and let us bring your landscaping to life.


Take Your Meal Outside and Enjoy the Benefits

It may come as some surprise to you that part of the reason you like eating outside is because it’s also good for you! That’s right — when the weather is nice, you can feast at a backyard picnic and experience health benefits at the same time. Some of our favorite memories are of family outings to the park with ducks quacking, sun rays shining, and baskets full of yummy food. So, if you’re looking for more reasons to take your lunch break outside, here are just a few:

eating outdoors

Source: Shutterstock

  • Get your fill of vitamin D. Vitamin D works wonders for the human body. It boosts the immune system, increases heart health, improves some skin conditions, and is said to help prevent bone diseases. You can find it in many foods and in sunlight! UVB radiation from the sun is converted into the vitamin by a form of cholesterol in your skin.
  • Lift your spirits. Ever heard of cabin fever? Studies show that people who live in areas with limited sunlight are more susceptible to mood disorders such as depression and anxiety. Spending even an hour outside can make a huge difference in maintaining a healthy mood, and our design professionals can help plan and construct an outdoor living area you’ll love spending time in.
  • Boost concentration. Recent studies say children with attention disorders can experience increased focus if they spend plenty of time outside. To help persuade them to take their playtime in nature, you can devise kid-friendly areas like sand boxes and outdoor art easels.
  • Stay active with help from the outdoors. After you relish in a breezy afternoon snack, take advantage of the weather and go for a stroll with the dogs and kids, take a bike ride, or skate a few laps around the park. Both your legs and your spirit will thank you!

    outdoor eating

    Source: Shutterstock

Dining outside is something your whole family should be able to enjoy, and a great patio should be able to offer you the right setting to do so. For help updating or creating a wonderful, functional outdoor living area, contact Lifescape today.