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Donating To Denver Rescue Mission

Adopt a Family Donating To Denver Rescue Mission

Donating Denver Rescue MissionFor more than a century, the Denver Rescue Mission (DRM) has changed the lives of people, working towards a goal of returning them to society as productive, self-sufficient citizens.Donating Denver Rescue Mission

For the past four years, Lifescape has proudly joined this noble effort by taking part in the DRM’s “Adopt a Family” holiday program. We’ll be providing gifts like clothing, household goods and toys for our chosen family.Donating Denver Rescue Mission

It’s an honor to have the ability to give back to our community this way, bringing happiness to those in need during the holiday season. We challenge ourselves as a company, splitting into teams and attempting to gather the most donations.Donating Denver Rescue Mission

DRM is at a maximum capacity for sponsors, but we encourage you to help out our family or another family with a donation. Be thankful, grateful and good to each other during this holiday season!

Thank You, From Lifescape


Colorado’s winter weather always brings everyone indoors to celebrate the holidays with family. We at Lifescape consider our employees to be family and we are thankful for all of them and the amazing work we accomplished together this year.



Together, as a family, we left our old offices and moved into a new space that we are all thankful for. See for yourself by stopping by our new location slightly south off of Platte River Drive or contact us at 303.831.8310 and speak with one of our landscape design experts. You’ll be thankful you did.

Colorado Fall and Winter Container Decor Tips

Fall and Winter Containers Lifescape Colorado

Enhance your Colorado Fall and Winter Decor!

As chilly autumn winds make way for Colorado’s true winter, the cold can make going outside a chore. But that doesn’t mean you should abandon your landscape. With containers, you can keep color in your yard all year long and even create something special for the holidays. Here are some tips to ensure colorful container plants into the New Year.

Fall and Winter Containers Lifescape Colorado

Autumn, holiday and winter color themes will keep color in your yard alive all year long by brightening up your outdoor containers.

Autumn theme 3Incorporate some fire orange, yellows, and cool shades of purple and blue to create a wonderful autumn theme. Cold hardy plants are preferred such as kale, mums, pansies to stand up against the winter weather.

Fall and Winter Containers Lifescape Colorado

Use ornamental grasses, cornstalks, or branch clippings from your landscape to add texture that also helps give your container design a longer life span. Add in a few pumpkins for a more festive look.

Fall and Winter Containers Lifescape Colorado

For winter themes build upon the evergreen colors with some bright reds and shades of blue/silver. If you’re looking for a bright red, a winterberry holly or redtwig dogwood branches will do the trick. Layer pine, cedar, and spruce evergreen clippings; you most likely can clip these from your yard.

Autumn theme 1Add clippings of eucalyptus or willow to add blues and silver in the container. Branches in the center of your container design create height and to add a cheerful feel spray paint the branches. Remember living plants, and evergreen clippings will want to be watered on a warmer winter day!

If you desire to dress up your garden with Fall & Winter containers, we can help. Contact Us today to discuss our décor services that can get your garden ready for this holiday season.

Lifescape Wins NALP Grand National Award at LANDSCAPES

LANDSCAPES is the signature event for the
National Association of Landscape Professionals.Lifescape - Polo Club Villa ILifescape Wins NALP Grand National Award

Every year, this is the largest, most anticipated landscape and lawn care industry experience and we’re proud to announce that Lifescape Colorado has won a Grand National Award for our work on the Polo Club Villa project!

Award recipients photo 10.20.1615-Polo Club Villa Landscape Plan

Troy Shimp was the landscape designer and he faced the challenge of preserving a 50’ mature spruce and specimen elm tree already on site as well as providing sustainable paths for water to travel without disrupting the classical landscape intended to mimic an Italian villa on a half-acre lot.

Shimp worked with other experts at Lifescape and designed a classical style landscape with statement pieces throughout the yard with a permeable paver driveway to preserve the trees.

Lifescape - Polo Club Villa II

The roots of several large spruce trees were directly under the proposed driveway location. To add to the complexity, the homeowner requested the shady portion of the driveway to be heated with a snow melt system.

A certified arborist approved as the Lifescape crews exposed these roots with careful hand shoveling and pressurized air, then designed a special bracing system for additional support. The pavers were specially tumbled to match the home’s architecture with an instant aged effect and four years later, the trees are still healthy.

Lifescape Polo Club Villa patio

The small lot for the large home provided challenges and the flat lot needed a drainage system for heavy rains. Dry wells were constructed to manage excess water while a beautiful fountain incorporating antique tiles complements the fireplace in the courtyard. The courtyard’s tri-color tiles complement the driveway, creating a sense that it has always been.

This properly scaled landscape created perfect harmony with the home’s old world architecture and we’re happy that Troy Shimp has been recognized for this work. We at Lifescape proudly treat every project with this award-winning concentration and care to ensure the client gets everything they want while creating a beautiful solution that’s sustainable.

Student round table 10.20.16

If you’re interested in sitting down with our experts, drop by our new offices, slightly south of Platte River Drive or contact us at 303.831.8310 and schedule a time today.

Grand Opening of Lifescape Colorado’s New Location

Lifescape celebrating 40th Anniversary & Grand Opening of New Location

For the past 40 years, Since 1976, Lifescape Colorado has created amazing landscapes around Denver and now we are in remodel mode at our new location able to do something for ourselves!

Lifescape Colorado Grand Opening InvitationAfter an enjoyable experience in the Rhino district, Lifescape has opened our new offices slightly south off of Platte River Drive in a facility that allows all our departments to be in one location.

Our Landscape Architecture team assists our customers with the initial consultation and conceptual design of their new or existing landscape. Construction operations finalize a project’s scope and implement the plan, and the maintenance service team walks through aftercare. To ensure it will not only look great after it is built but evolve beautifully with similar appeal and less impact on our natural resources.

As a company, we have followed a similar strategy for our new place of business. Our new design center and yard will showcase to our customers how Lifescape created a landscape with an emphasis on sustainability, executed the plan and will maintain it for years to come.

We want to thank all our partners in the design community and our wonderful clients that have allowed us to be their trusted landscape advisors for the past 40 years. We would not have the successful projects to show for it without them. Be sure to stop by, help us celebrate 40 years of excellence with us and learn how we can create an eco-conscious design you will cherish for another 40 years.

For more information about how we can assist with your project, please contact us at 303.831.8310.

Many thanks to all that joined us for our Grand Opening Celebration. Here are a few pictures from the event.

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