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Water-Efficient Landscape Tips



The relatively low humidity in Denver means beautiful sun-filled days. It also means conserving water is important. If you’re interested in creating a water-efficient landscape for your home or property, make sure you incorporate these four tips into your outdoor project.

Soil Prep –

Before you start planting, good soil prep is key to successful planting. Amend your beds with compost or planters mix and till to a minimum of 6” deep, the deeper, the better. A good soil prepped bed will allow for your plants to be more tolerant of drought like conditions. It’s hard to soil prep after you plant, so plan and don’t skimp on adding good soil!

What will make it wet –

The best time to water is in the morning, so fungus doesn’t attempt to grow with your plants overnight. Installing an irrigation system ensures you can sleep as late as you want. Just make sure your system includes a rain sensor that will shut down the system when it measures the pre-determined amount of water needed for your landscape.

Right Plant. Right Place –

Every site has microclimates, make sure to understand what the microclimates are on your property.  Group plants that have similar water and sun exposure needs together.

Make use of mulch –

It reduces water evaporation and protects a plant’s root zone from weeds. It also can keep an even soil temperature. Permanent mulches like rocks do not improve soil structure like organic mulches (bark mulch, compost, and pine needles). Just be sure to keep at no more than a 2 to 3” depth and have a small gap around your tree trunks and plants to prevent mold growth

Sustainable Landscape Solutions

DSC_3274_MDWhether it is adding smart irrigation controllers or incorporating native plants, more Coloradoans are looking for sustainable landscape design and finding innovative ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Here are some viable options to consider:

Irrigation smart controllers – Nature and technology come together to produce substantial water savings with built-in features to adjust for the optimal sprinkler run time; all controlled with the touch of your ‘smart’ device.

Edible gardens – To truly live off the land, one must be able to grow food successfully. Community crop sharing and gardens are easy ways to incorporate herbs and vegetables; bee farming brings a boost to the bee population, flower pollination, and honey.

Permeable pavers – Whether a driveway, sidewalk or back patio, this landscape design technique includes a solid material with joints that allows stormwater to reach the soil underneath while preventing stream erosion problems.

Xeriscape – Colorado receives very little rainfall, therefore including plants adaptable to the semi-arid climate is important. In 1981, Denver Water coined the term ‘xeriscape‘ for landscape design featuring efficient irrigation, soil amendment, and limited turf areas.

LED landscape lighting – LED bulbs are built for long life; dimmable lights last even longer. They can be zoned throughout your yard or landscape for a reduction in both costs and resources.

In the long run, even the smallest change towards a sustainable landscape can make a big difference.

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Design Styles You’ll Love

Traditional Landscape Design

The landscape of your home can become an ideal location to enjoy all that a Colorado summer can provide and provide curb appeal to passers-by. Whether you desire a colorful garden in the morning sun, a place to meditate in the afternoons or the ideal location for a barbecue dinner party; here are inspirational landscape design options to create a perfect paradise in your backyard.
Traditional – A landscape with a stone patio bordered by a green hedge with perennials popping up from behind creates a classic look that can only be made better with a vine-covered trellis or pergola. Formal crushed stone patios will take you from room to room.


Eclectic – Considered what’s ‘in style’ at the moment can still be something that lasts beyond the latest trend. Reclaim existing elements while incorporating re-purposed materials like old windows create something both natural and personal. Find different art pieces to create focal points in the gardens or make containers out of unique old pieces.

Urban – Space in a city is minimal, therefore making it important to utilize everything you can. A vertical space lined with trellises allows for a variety of climbing plants. A container garden to supplement your outdoor dining area can add the finishing touch.

Lifescape Rustic
Rustic – Allowing your landscape to touch base with nature can mean using rock outcroppings as seating, adding a fire feature or decorating with native and ornamental shrubs, grasses and evergreens. Reclaimed timbers can be used for screens or fencing, and organic stone patios with groundcovers will soften the space.

Modern – Whether with wood, concrete or a crop of mass plantings, shape the area with a specific color or two in mind. Add natural elements like fire or water to complete the look. Design elements and plant in a linear fashion to keep clean lines.  Rows of ornamental grasses or a single colored plant will accent the hardscape.

** We are excited to let you know we have moved to our new office at 455 South Platte River Drive. Please change our address on your correspondence. We appreciate your patience during this transition.**

A time of change….Lifescape is moving!

LifeScape is Moving

Spring is a time for new beginnings in nature, and we have some big changes ourselves. Since it is spring, we thought it would be a great time to announce we will soon be moving to our new office location. We will have more room, it will make us more efficient and will benefit our customers as well by having all our departments in one location.

It is our 40th anniversary. It is hard to believe we have been in business creating amazing landscapes around Denver since 1976. We have loved being in the Rhino district, but over the years as our business has grown the space has become too small. We will be moving our office and yard slightly south off of Plate River Drive.

Since we are the experts of landscaping, you can be sure we will do some ourselves as we renovate the building at our new design center. Stop by and watch us grow!

At Lifescape, we have built our business on creating and maintaining the best possible gardens, yards, and landscaping that make your home or business stand out. We will continue to do that, and with our new design center and yard, it will be easier for our customers to see the process from creating the landscape to executing it, maintaining it from start to finish.


Setting Up Your Hardscapes

hardscape design

When creating the perfect landscape it can be easy to focus on the trees, shrubbery and flowers and forget to focus on what can really bring your yard together…hardscapes.  Winter is the best time to begin construction on your design.  Lifescape can build your hardscapes so that you are all ready to go for that beautiful spring weather.

Here are some tips to consider when designing your yard for this spring.

Master Plan/Phasing

Take the time to develop a through plan as it will pay off with a great space and also save you money from redoing work if phased correctly.  Even if you are just focusing on one small area of your yard for now you want to make sure to take think about the big picture.  Create a plan that you will tackle in the long-term and then begin to take on small tasks one at a time.  By focusing on the big picture in the beginning you limit the possibility of having to redesign years later when you think of another great idea.

Select a Style

When designing be sure to think about what you want your outdoor room to be.  Do you want a kitchen, fire or water feature?  Perhaps a nice patio space.  If so, for how many to dine?  Do you want to incorporate an overhead structure for shade?

Also consider the different materials to use based on longevity, cost and its aesthetic: stone and pavers can offer great solutions to replace cracked concrete.  Consider pavers to replace an old driveway.  Creating an outdoor room will add value to you property and will give you the opportunity to enjoy more time outside!

Finding that perfect feel is all about balance.  Before starting a new project go ahead and think about the entire style of the design.  Are you looking for that nice contemporary look?  Or perhaps a bit more traditional?  An earthy organic feel?  Or maybe that broad-based eclectic look?

As you put together your design also be sure to think about the placement and lines.  You may be looking for a style in which you want to incorporate L shapes and blocked shrubbery or you may want to go for that natural organic look where you want to incorporate big boulders and gravel paths.  Whatever you choose, make sure to keep the design to a balanced theme.

Oliphant Courtyard B (Lifescapes ad)_edit

Consider Drainage

Drainage can be an easy thing to overlook.  During your planning you want to make sure to consider the drainage patterns your new hardscapes will create.  You certainly don’t want to end up in a situation where water pools or even worse washes away your mulch.  You may even want to incorporate a runoff where you can collect the water to use on the property.


Consult a Professional

Don’t be scared to ask for help from the professionals.  While you may be able to create a very beautiful landscape it never hurts to consult an experienced designer who understands all the nuances.  It can be as simple as you don’t know what you don’t know and by hiring a professional you may not only come away with a beautiful design but you can also learn a thing or two.  Lifescape offers master planning, phasing of projects, drainage expertise and remarkable construction.