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Best Landscape Enhancements for Fall

As our temperatures in Colorado begin to cool down, the change in seasons presents the perfect opportunity for a variety of landscape updates and installations. Here are a few ideas that will enhance your outdoor experience this fall and in the months to come:

Here are several ways that our team at Lifescape Colorado can help you plan a colorful spring landscape:

Plants, trees, and bulbs


Fall is the ideal time to plant bulbs as the soil is still warm and workable. Plant bulbs before the first freeze arrives, which is historically mid-October in Denver. Planting in the fall will give bulbs an opportunity to establish a healthy root system for your spring landscape. Your landscape designer will help you determine the optimal locations in your yard where tulips, daffodils, and other colorful spring flowers will thrive.

Hardscape and Pavers for walkways and patios

As your plants and flowers begin to be less of a focus during the cooler months, fall is the perfect time to consider adding to or upgrading hardscape, replacing cracked or uninteresting pavement with beautiful, textural pavers or adding a patio or outdoor living area. By getting started now, you’ll likely avoid the spring rush that can often slow down getting your project scheduled.

Fireplaces, Fire Pits and Fire Bowls

Adding a fireplace, unique fire bowl or fire pit will turn your outdoor living area into a year-round space for relaxing and entertaining. As the evening temperatures dip, you’ll still be able to enjoy the outdoor beauty that Colorado offers this time of year. Whatever your style is, the team at Lifescape Colorado will help create a beautiful, functional design that fits your lifestyle and landscape.

Landscape lighting

As daylight hours shorten, now is the perfect time to add visually dramatic, high-tech landscape lighting. Allow your home and landscape to stand out beautifully and extend opportunities for outdoor living and entertaining after dark. Enhance security and highlight points of interest throughout your landscape with high quality, low voltage LED fixtures that allow for greater sustainability and longevity.

As you consider landscape enhancements this fall, contact the Lifescape Team for help navigating the best options for your specific property. You’ll see why we have been a preferred landscape expert since 1976.

Fall Garden Preparations for a Colorado Winter

With cooler weather ahead, many of the plants in your landscape will be going into dormancy for the season. Now is the time to start planning for late fall garden preparations that will help your landscape flourish with fewer pests and diseases come spring.

Here are several ways that our landscape professionals at Lifescape Colorado can set your fall garden up to thrive come spring:

Clean up.

fall garden preparations

The experts at Lifescape Colorado carefully clean grounds and gardens to prevent pests and disease from over-wintering. Removing pest-ridden plants and debris is a top priority. We identify problem foliage and can often save plants by removing diseased parts. Dead annuals should be removed and composted, assuming they show no signs of pests or disease.

Water trees and shrubs.

Photo Credit- Spring Hill Nursery

Stick to the recommended watering schedule for trees and shrubs while temperatures remain above freezing. The moisture that your trees and shrubs receive in late fall will be beneficial as they head into dormancy.

Aerate and Fertilize.

Late fall is a great time to have your lawn aerated to allow for better penetration of water, oxygen, and fertilizer. Within 48 hours of having your lawn aerated, our experts apply an appropriate fertilizer carefully selected for your landscape needs.

Cut back perennials.

Photo Credit- Spring Hill Nursery

As color fades, our maintenance experts cut back perennials and add a layer of organic mulch to protect them from harsh winter temperatures. Evergreens and ornamental grasses will provide welcomed color and texture throughout the winter months until the perennials awake again in the spring.

Protect vulnerable plants.

Some plants in your garden will need extra protection during the winter months. For example, a wind-blocking structure can be used to protect small evergreen plants. Giving roses and bulbs an extra layer of mulch will help them to thrive come spring. The Lifescape professionals know your landscape and how to protect your vulnerable plants from the winter weather in Colorado.

Contact Lifescape Colorado now to start planning your winter landscape preparations.  Learn more about our year-round landscape maintenance services!

Maximize Your Home’s Curb Appeal

The gorgeous weather that we experience in Colorado this time of year provides the perfect opportunity to improve your home’s curb appeal. Our team of design professionals at Lifescape Colorado will help you to create a setting in your front yard that passersby won’t be able to help but stop and admire.

Here are our landscaping suggestions to enhance your home’s curb appeal:

Plant a pristine foundation planting and prune.

After a bountiful season of growth in the summer, many of the plantings in your landscape have become overgrown, especially shrubs against the house. Proper pruning can make a significant difference in your property’s exterior appearance. Having a landscape professional remove limbs from shade trees will make your house visible and train your trees, plants, and shrubs at a young age to grow accordingly.

Add colorful planting highlights near the walkway.

Opt for species of perennials that will provide pops of color at your feet, such as penstemons, daylilies or salvia. Don’t forget to plant flower pots by the front entry.

Don’t neglect your lawn.

Our maintenance team will help keep your lawn weed-free and will mow with a clean edge, which will give your landscape a tidy appearance.

Garden Tour

Replace cracked concrete with pavers.

Allow us to improve the appearance of your walkway and patio by replacing old concrete with long-lasting pavers. Porous, permeable pavers are aesthetically-pleasing and add function to your landscape as they’re durable and replenish the water table.

Incorporate landscape lighting.

Landscape lighting will illuminate walkways throughout your landscape to improve safety. You can also use landscape lighting to accent plants and points of interest in your yard.

Engaging a professional to make these enhancements to your landscape in Colorado will improve your home’s curb appeal and property value. Contact us at Lifescape Colorado to learn how we can help you to maximize your home’s curb appeal while you enjoy the benefits.

Statement Shrubs for Your Colorado Landscape

While grass, trees, and outdoor fixtures are some components of a landscape, shrubs are often the key players. These small to medium-sized plants are some of the first things that you’ll notice about a landscape and serve as the foundation. Therefore, it’s critical that you give careful consideration to the shrubs that you choose from your yard.

Here are several shrubs that will make a statement and work well in our Colorado landscape:

Dark Knight Spirea

Although we’re approaching the end of the summer, incorporating this low-maintenance shrub into your garden will allow you to experience blooms late into the season. This stunning plant is known for its dark green leaves and deep blue flowers. Bees are attracted to this shrub, which helps to pollinate your garden.

Korean Spice Viburnum

This shrub keeps on giving year-round with its gray-green leaves that turn into a beautiful bronze color in the fall. In the spring, pinkish-red buds bloom into clusters of white flowers. Even though this shrub stands six feet tall on average, it’s still smaller than most viburnums. This shrub also puts off a delicious fragrance, which will make you want to spend more time in your yard.

Dwarf Blue Rabbitbrush

                             Source: David Winger

The Colorado landscape is dry throughout much of the year, which makes Dwarf Blue Rabbitbrush a smart choice for your yard. This shrub requires little water and flowers throughout the summer. Towards the end of summer, Dwarf Blue Rabbit brush is recognizable for its golden-yellow flower clusters that cover the shrub.

Kelsey Dogwood

Source: Monrovia

If you’re looking for a low-growing shrub, consider the Kelsey Dogwood. This shrub offers a rich green foliage during the summer months that changes into a brilliant red color in the fall. The Kelsey Dogwood is aesthetically-pleasing even in the winter with its bark. Use this shrub as a ground cover, border, or foundation plant for your garden.


Source: Australis Plants

Waxflower is native to our Colorado landscape as it grows well in rocky soil with partial shade. This shrub requires more water than some of the others that we’ve mentioned, and it’s essential that the soil has excellent drainage. Waxflower is very fragrant and is known for its clusters of white, waxy flowers that turn orange and pink in the fall.

Allow our team of seasoned professionals help you to choose the best shrubs for your landscape.

Contact us at Lifescape to make your dream yard a reality.

Colorado Homes & Lifestyle Magazine Top 5 Under 40!

Top 5 Under 40Lifescape is proud to announce that our very own LeAnn Ostheimer was named one of the Five Under 40 Design Stars for the Class of 2017 by Colorado Homes and Lifestyle Magazine.

LeAnn serves as Director of Design and Marketing at Lifescape and has been a valuable member of our team since 2006. The Colorado native studied landscape horticulture and design at Colorado State University and has had a passion for landscape architecture since she was a young girl growing up on a dairy and crop farm east of Fort Collins.

If you look at her portfolio, you’ll see that LeAnn has completed a diverse range of residential projects, from modern gardens to a miniature replica of the Gardens of Versailles. What she enjoys most about her job is that no two clients want the same thing, and each project that she takes on is an opportunity to prove to herself that she can achieve her client’s vision.

Please join us in congratulating LeAnn for this outstanding recognition, and contact us at Lifescape to learn more about our team of experienced professionals.