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Colorado Fall and Winter Container Decor Tips

Fall and Winter Containers Lifescape Colorado

Enhance your Colorado Fall and Winter Decor!

As chilly autumn winds make way for Colorado’s true winter, the cold can make going outside a chore. But that doesn’t mean you should abandon your landscape. With containers, you can keep color in your yard all year long and even create something special for the holidays. Here are some tips to ensure colorful container plants into the New Year.

Fall and Winter Containers Lifescape Colorado

Autumn, holiday and winter color themes will keep color in your yard alive all year long by brightening up your outdoor containers.

Autumn theme 3Incorporate some fire orange, yellows, and cool shades of purple and blue to create a wonderful autumn theme. Cold hardy plants are preferred such as kale, mums, pansies to stand up against the winter weather.

Fall and Winter Containers Lifescape Colorado

Use ornamental grasses, cornstalks, or branch clippings from your landscape to add texture that also helps give your container design a longer life span. Add in a few pumpkins for a more festive look.

Fall and Winter Containers Lifescape Colorado

For winter themes build upon the evergreen colors with some bright reds and shades of blue/silver. If you’re looking for a bright red, a winterberry holly or redtwig dogwood branches will do the trick. Layer pine, cedar, and spruce evergreen clippings; you most likely can clip these from your yard.

Autumn theme 1Add clippings of eucalyptus or willow to add blues and silver in the container. Branches in the center of your container design create height and to add a cheerful feel spray paint the branches. Remember living plants, and evergreen clippings will want to be watered on a warmer winter day!

If you desire to dress up your garden with Fall & Winter containers, we can help. Contact Us today to discuss our décor services that can get your garden ready for this holiday season.

Spring Showers

The cliché that April showers bring May flowers is a cliché because it is true. “Spring showers landscaping” takes on more importance as nature offers that benefit naturally.

It is up to you to take advantage of it and use it to make your landscape beautiful and accentuate your home’s appearance.

April showers

Maintenance is key to keeping the yard looking great not just in the spring but all year-round.  Here are a few basic ideas for your yard.

  • Keep plants watered and fertilized properly.
  • Keep weeds down
  • Prune back dead parts of plants
  • Cut off blooms after they have bloomed

Now is the perfect time to take inventory of your landscape. Consider adding annuals, make changes to your lighting or add interest to your patio with a creative paver design.

The spring is a time for new things, so consider what you might do to improve your landscape’s appearance and health with some creative “spring showers landscaping” projects.

Need help with your spring project contact us today and let us bring your landscaping to life.


Beautiful Backyard Landscaping Ideas

While most people view fall and early winter as the seasons to turn their attention to their home’s interior spaces, Lifescape is envisioning the opposite. This period, when outdoor living is less of a concern, but the weather is still relatively cooperative, is ideal for planning and implementing beautiful backyard landscaping ideas for when spring rolls around.

Here are some ideas from HGTV Gardens to enhance your backyard landscaping in Colorado.


Source: Home & Garden Design, Atlanta via Houzz

Hardscaping. If you wait until spring to begin designing a hardscape plan, you might end up with your yard torn up for a significant portion of the summer. Plus, new plantings will hardly have time to fill out by the time fall rolls around again. Take this opportunity to plan and build your dream hardscape, so your yard will be ready to enjoy in the summer

Hardscaping includes:

  • Adding terraces, which can be especially attractive if you live on a flat piece of land. The varying heights add visual interest and can be used for planting, gardening and seating areas.
  • Augmenting seating areas. Adding gazebos, pergolas, ramadas or a simple arbor can dress up a seating area tremendously.
  • Upgrading your walkways. Use this season to put in those gravel designs and walkways you have envisioned, but never have time to implement. They will be ready to landscape come spring.

Source: AMS Landscape Design Studios, Inc. via Houzz

Water Features. Depending on your design, a water feature can be quite an undertaking, requiring the use of heavy equipment, plumbing and large-scale rock work. Getting that work done before winter means you will be able to enjoy your new water feature the minute the sun is back out to stay.


Source: Rob Kyne via Houzz

Garden Planning. Have your dream garden in mind? Why not lay it out and build it now? Adding raised beds lets you add soil, compost and nutrients for a healthy garden next year. We can help you learn which plants, flowers and vegetables grow best in our Colorado climate, as well as when to start planting.

Ready to get a lead on your backyard landscaping in Colorado? If so, call Lifescape at 303.831.8310.

Don’t Forget the Trees!

It is very possible to achieve a gorgeous landscape that will retain its beauty even during drought conditions. But it’s easy to get caught up in the appearance of flowers, grass, shrubs, and other plants during dry conditions that we forget an equally important part of the equation… trees.

Trees offer a number of benefits to homeowners in addition to enhancing the aesthetic of a landscape.

With those benefits in mind, it’s important that you include some basic tree care in your regular lawn and garden maintenance. The Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado recently shared some great tips in its weekly newsletter. First, be sure to keep trees pruned properly. That will help protect your trees (and their surroundings) from wind and storm damage.

Also, be on the lookout for signs of disease or bug infestations. A change in leaf color or the appearance of a tree’s bark could be signaling a serious problem. Quick action will not only preserve the health of your trees, but protect your investment, too.

It’s also important to make sure your trees are receiving the right amount of hydration, especially in drought conditions like we are currently experiencing here in Denver. A dehydrated tree usually has brittle limbs that will snap easily in a storm and it will also be more likely to incur an insect problem or disease.

residential landscape colorado

Don’t neglect the trees in your landscape.

How do you care for the trees in your Colorado landscape to ensure they are healthy and happy?

Lifescape Associates is here to help you with your landscaping needs. Contact us today at 303-381-3810 for more information on our landscape design and maintenance services.

Enhance Your Outdoor Living Spaces with Landscape Lighting

The outdoor entertaining season is right around the corner. Soon we will be able to enjoy beautiful evenings at home with friends and family dining and lingering outdoors long after the sun goes down. With that in mind, now’s the perfect time to take a look at your outdoor living spaces. Could they use a bit of refreshing before your first gathering of the season?

It’s easy to focus on the more obvious design aspects of outdoor living spaces, such as plants, furniture, and specific colors and textures. An equally important design element that should never be overlooked is landscape lighting. A well-lit landscape allows us to take in all the beauty that surrounds our homes here in Denver all evening long.

There are a variety of ways you can light up your landscape to enhance its beauty and bring it to life even at night. The American Lighting Association offers the following suggestions:

  • Illuminate paths and steps so that guests can walk about safely. Low-level path lights and post lanterns provide a warm glow that not only brightens up walkways, but also lights up nearby plants. As the Houzz ideabook “The Top 3 Ways to Light Up Your Landscape” notes, there are also path lights that blend into their surroundings for a more subtle approach.
  • Create a cozy lighting scheme for decks, patios, and porches. Illuminate these spaces with smaller, low-voltage lights placed under steps, railings, and benches. Consider installing spotlight that can shine down from the branches of nearby trees.
  • Pools and fountains create a relaxing backdrop for spring and summer gatherings. Many people choose LED lighting to help set the ambiance, but another fun option is fiber optic lighting because it creates a stunning “starry background” in and around the pool.
landscape lighting for outdoor living spaces

Project by Lifescape Associates

Are you ready to light up your outdoor spaces for spring and summertime entertaining? Contact the experts at Lifescape today. Our designers can help you achieve an outdoor lighting scheme that creates a welcoming atmosphere for you and your guests to enjoy!