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Create a Sustainable Backyard Getaway

Virtually all private home landscaping was sustainable up until the post-war era when everything became “revolutionized.” This included the pesticide and herbicide boom, expansive green lawns, genetically modified plants with no ability to re-seed themselves and so on. Fortunately, we’ve all learned a little lesson about moderation, and now the pendulum is swinging back to a more sustainable pace.

You can enjoy this swing by taking steps to create a sustainable backyard getaway. The byproducts of your efforts will be cleaner soil and groundwater, a healthier ecosystem for your family, improved air quality and a safe place for birds, bees and other wildlife to thrive.

A Step-by-Step Approach to Sustainable Landscaping in Colorado

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Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Distinguish specific areas. Keep your backyard as versatile as possible by designating specific areas for sitting, relaxing, dining, cooking, swimming, gardening and/or whatever other interests you and your family share. Make sure one area has enough privacy, so you can still feel like you’re “retreating” even when other areas are occupied.

Farmhouse Landscape by Wayland Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers a Blade of Grass

Source: a Blade of Grass via Houzz

Keep water conservation at the forefront. Water is our most precious resource, so it must be at the forefront of virtually every landscaping decision you make. Plant a xeriscape, use deep watering practices to encourage healthy root growth and use succulents in containers for color.

Mediterranean Landscape by San Marcos Landscape Contractors DeMaria Landtech Inc

Source: DeMaria Landtech Inc via Houzz

Add clover to your lawn. Can you shift the way you view your lawn? In addition to sucking up a fair amount of water, lawns tempt well-meaning people into using toxic synthetic fertilizers. Instead, add nitrogen-fixing clover to your lawn. You can kiss your fertilizer goodbye and enjoy a lush green lawn three out of four seasons. If you’re feeling exceptionally brave, trade your lawn in for drought-resistant groundcover.

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Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Provide shade and plant a shade garden. Adding a shade structure with a well-planned shade garden can work wonders for creating a cool and private respite on a hot summer’s day. You can also add a birdbath or water feature for extra ambient pleasure.

Are you ready to design your own sustainable retreat? Give Lifescape Colorado a call at 303.831.8310.

Beautiful Backyard Landscaping Design Ideas

Some garden planners can see a beautiful landscape in their mind’s eye, draw a sketch and begin listing where certain flowers and plants should go without a single consultation. Others need a little visual inspiration before they can commence with their Colorado landscape design. If you fall into the latter category, read on for a some beautiful garden design ideas.


Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Elevate your landscape. Living in the Rocky Mountains doesn’t automatically mean you have a hilly landscape. Many of us city dwellers could use a little elevation to create interest. You can haul soil into your backyard, frame it with pavers or natural stone and enjoy a raised bed for a small lawn and/or garden. It can make a dramatic difference.


Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Paver heaven. Pavers are a wonderful gift to the landscaping world. When you fill the spaces between them with green groundcover, you can create an area that’s exceptionally drought-tolerant and well-draining. Pavers also provide visual interest and can be used as a seating area, dining space, or a relaxing outdoor room for your family.

Source: Lori Smyth Design via Houzz

Create an outdoor room. With the addition of a fireplace or fire pit, you can increase your home’s square footage. Analyze your space carefully so you can provide appropriate wind blocks, lighting, heat sources, furniture, etc., to make the most of your outdoor room.

Source: Laidlaw Schultz architects via Houzz

Design an pond. A pond or water feature provides soothing sounds, a peaceful area to relax and a space to grow some water plants. They don’t have to be big — small ponds provide equal enjoyment and require significantly less work.

Source: JKT Associates, Inc. via Houzz

Use a living wall. There are all kinds of ways to create privacy in your backyard, but we’re fans of the living wall. A vertical garden is stylish, enhances your view and can be augmented seasonally to retain interest year-round.

As always, you can get in touch with Lifescape Colorado should you need any assistance along the way. We can help you design, build and maintain your masterpiece all year long. 

Indoor Comfort with an Outdoor View

People love the comfort of their homes, but they also want to be outside to enjoy the great Colorado natural environment. That’s where the beauty of outdoor living comes in. You can have your cake and eat it too!  With an outdoor living space, you get to enjoy all the comforts of the indoors with your lovely view of the great outdoors.

We all want to have a special place where we can sit, relax, entertain, and just enjoy our home from the inside to the out. Your outdoor living space can have all the indoor comforts with beautiful furniture, comfy cushions, a fireplace, a flat screen TV and more.

When enjoying an evening out by the  pool it’s important to have a comfortable setting to relax, chat with friends, and watch the kids play. Outdoor living spaces are perfect for family entertainment and there’s no need to hop on a plane or ride long hours in the car.

Are you ready to bring indoor comfort to your Denver home’s outdoor environment? Contact a designer at Lifescape for more information. 303-831-8310

The Perfect Spot in your Landscape

When it comes to your outdoor environment, you need to be able to feel relaxed. If your back or front yard does not consist of at least one meditation or serene spot, you could be missing out on having valuable peace of mind outside. Think of it like this, your home is your sanctuary.

It is just as important to have a relaxing space on the outside of your home as it is on the inside. Especially now that Spring is here and Summer is not too far off.

Your quality of life outside your home can be greatly enhanced by special spots within your landscape that you can go to for relaxation, meditation or just a moment to yourself to enjoy nature.

Do you have a serene spot in your landscape where you can listen to the sound of trickling water, feel the gentle breeze or watch the sunset and sunrise? Contact a designer at Lifescape if you are interested in finding out how you can have the perfect spot in your Denver or Boulder area landscape.

Thinking Ahead to Pool Pleasures

Has all this cold weather got you thinking ahead to sunny days out by the pool and taking a plunge in the cool waters? We don’t blame you. Now is the time many homeowners start thinking about pool pleasures. If you are looking into having a pool built or installed in your backyard, that’s a great idea! Now is the best time to contact a designer at Lifescape Associates to get your backyard renovation started. You want your pool to be ready come summer time for all those fabulous barbecues, pool parties and get-togethers.

The trend today is that more people are spending money on making their home environment more of an entertaining space, both inside and out. Many people are choosing to spend more time entertaining and relaxing at home instead of traveling and spending money outside of their home.

Creating your own poolside patio with seating, outdoor fireplace, jacuzzi or a swim spa is an added luxury that brings more value to your home. Instead of spending money on a week long luxury vacation, invest money into your landscape and create an all year round vacation spot in your backyard!