Do you want a Fireplace or Firepit in your Backyard?

Now is a great time to start thinking about and planning for your outdoor living space that’s perfect for the cool to cold weather. Maybe you have been dreaming of having an outdoor living room with a fireplace or firepit. Well before you know it, the fall will have arrived. You may want to start getting your ideas together to present to your landscape designer.

Here are a few Lifescape completed projects that included a hearth perfect for enjoying the great outdoors when the weather has a chill in the air.

A cozy sitting area with a firepit can be just what you need to complete your outdoor living space. You want your outdoor firepit and/or fireplace to fit the style of your outdoor living environment.

Outdoor fireplaceWhether you prefer a formal space or a more casual outdoor living room, a firepit or fireplace will enhance your experience and comfort in the space.

Which would you prefer in your Denver area backyard? A fireplace or a firepit?



Stage 1 Drought: Invest in a Smart Sprinkler System

Since a Stage 1 drought has been declared in metro Denver and wildfires have been blazing across the state, many people have been quick to contact the Denver Water Savers to report any and everyone who does not adhere to the request to voluntarily reduce their water consumption by 10 percent. Some residents are so frustrated with the local water waste like automatic sprinklers operating during rainstorms, that they ask Denver Water what it takes to announce a Stage 2 drought, to stiffen regulations.

However, it is important to know that having an automated sprinkler system is different from having a “smart” irrigation system. At this time, it is more important than ever to cut water waste all over the Colorado state. Having a smart sprinkler system installed will help to water your lawn with accurate weather-based control, and precision that will save you valuable time, money, and water.

If you want more information on how you can get a smart sprinkler system for your Denver area home, contact a designer at Lifescape. 303-831-8310.


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Central Denver Residence Client Testimonial

lifescape2Recently, Lifescape received an awesome letter from one of our clients about a landscape project we completed for their central Denver residence. We wanted to share this wonderful testimonial with you and also let you know that we would be more than happy to do the same for your Denver or Boulder area landscape.

Click to read: Lifescape Client Testimonial

At Lifescape, we design for your landscape needs and your budget. We are experienced in formal gardensxeriscape gardens, lawns,water featuresoutdoor kitchens,walls, hardscapes, pools and other outdoor landscaping structures that will enhance your life outside.

3 Ways to make your Landscape Design Standout

Landscape design can be very diverse and “out of the box”, however most of what we see in many neighborhoods are the status quo designs. And that is perfectly fine and beautiful, but if you want to use your landscape to display your spirited and fearless style approach, here are 3 ways to make your landscape standout.

1.Give formal structure a sly sense of humor.

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The beautiful trees are like living exclamation points that punctuate the landscape with elegant wit.


2. Pedestrian Plants can add wow to your front yard.

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Surround a path with a beautiful variety of green pedestrian plants that provide an evergreen ground cover that will shine all year round.


3. Think outside of box like hedges.

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It’s perfectly fine to use something different for a hedge rather than the usual prim and proper suspects. Try a hedge that has more of a musical effect, composed of tall and smaller, breezy grasses.

What are some “out of the box” ideas you have for your Denver area landscape?


Source: Country Living

Prevent Brown Grass when Temps Soar

With tempertures in the 95 to 100 degree range, many Denver lawns can start to stress. And the obvious result of heat stressed grass is brown grass. What’s the solution? Well, there’s only one, and it’s water. But more importantly how and when you apply it. But there is a way to be proactive in your approach to help your lawn keep cool.

  • Check your sprinkler system – Make sure it’s in tip top shape and that no water is hitting the street or pavement areas.
  • Consider going high tech – getting a smart timer will control when your system waters and they help to conserve water also.
  • Spot check  – if you have some brown areas in the yard, don’t set the sprinkler to water them more. Just hand water and have a landscape professional come out to fix the problem.
  • No mowing, fertilizing or playing on heat-stressed grass – that is until it has been watered. Water deep and long but not everyday, but avoid run off.
  • Water overnight –  from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. are best because it cuts down on evaporation loss.

Are you in need of a sprinkler system for your Denver lawn? Contact Lifescape by calling 303-831-8310.

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