Year-Round Landscaping from Lifescape Care

Maintaining a beautiful landscape can be a lot of work. Lifescape Care in Colorado makes it easy for you by providing year-round landscape maintenance services. Here is a glimpse at what we offer and what you can expect from our experienced professional crew.

Beauty for Every Season

Our design and garden experts can provide seasonal color maintenance to prevent gardens from growing dull and becoming devoid of fresh color and interest.  We can install and establish flowerbeds, design containers and add or replace bulbs, plants and flowers to create year-round beauty.

Afterwards, we can maintain plants, flowerbeds and trees so you can enjoy them worry-free. Our professional gardening crews are trained in all aspects of plant care and guided by a seasoned horticulturist. This includes pruning, weeding, mulching and other tasks to keep everything healthy and lush.

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Landscape by Lifescape Colorado

Year-Round Outdoor Living

Even as cooler weather arrives in Colorado, improvements can be made to the landscape. Fall and winter are perfect times for working on hardscape projects, such as new patios and other outdoor living designs. We will work with you in designing your dream patio, deck, balcony, backyard or other outdoor living space for the upcoming year. We offer professional services for all aspects of landscaping projects, from start to finish.

The cool seasons are also an ideal time for making enhancements to existing hardscape fixtures, such as repairing cracks, replacing broken pavers, replacing trellises and arbors and adding decorative rock or gravel.

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Hardscape by Lifescape Colorado

Irrigation and Water Management

Residents of our state are no strangers to drought. That’s why here at Lifescape Care we offer irrigation services that save you money while promoting water conservation. We specialize in installing Smart Irrigation Controllers, which uses advanced technology to achieve incredibly efficient and water-wise landscapes.

We also design and construct drought-tolerant landscapes that will “wow” you with color and texture even during strict water restrictions.

When you need professional landscape maintenance services, call on Lifescape Care in Colorado during any time of year.

The Kingcup Cactus

Many types of cacti will flourish in a Colorado landscape. Among the most beautiful varieties is the kingcup, which belongs to a group of cacti called the claret cups. Its natural habitat extends through much of Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico. Here is a closer look at this stunning plant.

Aesthetic Appeal

The kingcup is prized for its attractive flowers, which range in color from deep red to orange red. Each bloom is accented with a splash of yellow or orange in the center along with a lime-green stigma. The cactus offers these delightful blooms from late spring until July. Kingcup’s cylindrical or spherical green stems and spine-covered ribs provide a striking backdrop for the flowers and add visual interest throughout the year, even when flowers are absent for the season. Like many cacti, kingcup grows in clusters. This close-up photo shows a kingcup flower’s dazzling, vivid colors and cup-like shape.

colorado native plants

Source: Winter Hardy Cacti

drought-tolerant plants

Source: Winter Hardy Cacti

Cultivation and Growth Habits

Kingcups prefer well-drained soil and partial sunlight. They can handle a cool winter, but prefer little moisture. High altitude is not a problem for these durable cacti as they naturally grow at altitudes between 4,000 to 9,000 feet.

Beyond their attractive flowers, one of the best attributes that kingcups possess is exceptional drought-tolerance. This is why it is one of the cactus types included in the Dryland Mesa at the Denver Botanic Gardens. Established plants in this garden have not received water for over a decade! This characteristic is a good reason to consider adding this cactus to your landscape, as it will never fail you even during long droughts and water restrictions.

Are you interested in adding drought-tolerant plants such as the kingcup to your landscape? Lifescape Colorado can help you choose the best plants that match your needs and style. We also offer landscape design, architecture, construction, maintenance and many other services to help you with your landscaping needs.

Ideas for Elegant Landscape Edging

Edging prevents soil and mulch runoff while keeping plants firmly in place, but its benefits can go beyond function. Edging can add form, texture, color and definition to achieve beautiful landscape spaces.

Trench edging is a simple yet effective method for creating subtle definition. Instead of integrating physical edging, a simple trench-like formation is created between the flower or plant areas and neighboring grass or groundcover. This is a wonderful method for achieving very organic and natural looking landscape designs.

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Source: Matthew Cunningham Landscape Design LLC via Houzz

Durable yet thin edging made from steel or plastic can also be subtle, when it is sunk low into the earth lining pathways or flowerbeds. But to add more interest, steel or plastic in attractive or bold colors can be used to add a splash of color.

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Source: Samuel H. Williamson Associates via Houzz

Decorative edging that is more visible can become can essential part of the landscape design. Concrete or steel edging, for example, can be custom designed with colors, forms and shapes that will complement and elevate the style of the landscape. Likewise, cut stone or carved wood can add natural beauty or rustic charm.

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Source: D-CRAIN via Houzz

Brick also lends itself to interesting decorative edging. The color of brick, as well as the pattern and angle in which it can be laid, adds fantastic aesthetic appeal. The height of brick edging can easily be adjusted by adding layers. Raised edging not only prevents erosion and adds to the look of landscapes but also deters pets or other animals from wandering into plant beds.

Colored gravel or slate chippings can also be used to design decorative landscape edging that defines plant beds, keep weeds down and provides a barrier against soil erosion.

When you want to enhance your landscape with elegant landscape edging, let designer and architects at Lifescape Colorado help. Here at Lifescape Colorado, we offer a full slate of landscaping services, including hardscaping and gardening design and maintenance.

Landscaping Planning Tips for 2014 Gardens

Summer’s end is a perfect time to assess your landscape and plan improvements for the coming year. To make your 2014 landscape even more beautiful than the year before while also more efficient and easier to maintain requires thorough planning. Here are some suggestions to help you get organized.

Walk around your landscape while jotting down notes on ways to improve your property’s functionality and aesthetics. Note any landscape structures or areas of hardscaping that have developed problems or issues that may create hazards. Here are some examples of common issues:

  • Wobbly or broken pavers
  • Large plant pots and statuaries too close to a pathway or otherwise obstructing comfortable and safe movement
  • Broken or leaning trellises/arbors
  • Insufficient lighting

Next, turn your attention to the plants. Note dead plants, plants past their prime, plant overcrowding, plants that you simply do not like anymore and plants that are doing poorly in their current location. It is easy to make planting mistakes, but fortunately, plants can all be replaced.

As you plan improvements, you should keep in mind what you learned during your assessment, and you should consider questions such as these:

  • Do you have a specific landscape design style you want to incorporate? This can affect plant selection and the type of outdoor lighting fixtures you choose.
  • Did your landscape suffer from the drought? Consider turning to drought-tolerant plants and water-wise landscaping.
  • Did you have wildlife issues? Incorporating fire-resistant plants into landscaping may help.
  • If slugs and other crawling pests feasted on your vegetable garden, consider switching to raised beds.
  • What can be changed to improve curb and window appeal?

New plants and features can help enliven a dull landscape, but good design is also necessary to overcome climate and geographical challenges. You do not have to go it alone, though. Our professionals at Lifescape can help you assess, plan and implement landscape improvements that will set you up for a gorgeous 2014. We offer many types of services, including landscape architecture, construction and garden design and maintenance. Contact us today to learn more.

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Landscaping Design Ideas: Dressing Up Driveways

Since the driveway is one of the first features experienced when entering the property, why not make it an enjoyable experience? A beautiful driveway design can set the tone for the rest of the home and property, making a a wonderful first impression. Here are some design tips for transforming a driveway into a beautiful and welcoming feature of the landscape.

Instead of a lawn, turn the front yard next to the driveway into a tall, lush garden. Plants that blend multiple colors, textures and heights will ensure vibrancy and variety.

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Source: Peter A. Sellar via Houzz

If the driveway curves around to the front of the house, a defined island of greenery in the middle of the yard can become a canvas for an interesting garden design that creates a focal point while also hiding the driveway.

Good landscape design requires a degree of cohesion so that it does not appear haphazard. But this does not mean the landscape has to be completely uniform. Plus, it’s difficult to use the same type of plants across the whole property as Colorado landscapes often contain several microclimates. The front yard may receive full sun while the backyard may receive mostly shade, for example. Despite this, cohesiveness in the general feel can be achieved by coordinating colors and heights.

In our region, if you want a landscape that will remain interesting year-round, it must be designed to be water-wise. A drought-tolerant landscape design around the driveway can be achieved by using native groundcovers and/or decorative natural stone instead of grass. Drought tolerant plants such as yuccas and cacti can also be planted to line the driveway, adding texture and height. Finally, flowers native to Colorado can be mixed in to add splashes of color.

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Source: CK Architects via Houzz

If you are ready to transform your front yard to achieve a beautiful landscape from the start of your driveway to your front door, contact the landscape design professionals at Lifescape.