Save Water with Clever Sprinkler Gadgets

Water is one of the most precious resources these days, and we all have to do our part to help conserve and protect the water supply. We’ve all had that experience of seeing someone’s sprinklers going full force in the midst of a full-on rain storm, but is that person ever you?  There were some great tips this week in the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado newsletter that can help you avoid being that person.

From simple to high-tech, there is a device out there to help you keep from over watering your lawn. This will not only conserve water, but will also save you money on your water bill! Today’s sprinkler timers can monitor local weather information, use historical weather data, and even monitor real-time conditions in your yard in order to determine when your lawn needs watering and when it doesn’t.

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Landscaping Pests: Dealing with Aphids

When it comes to Colorado landscaping pests, they can come in many forms. They are little critters and in some cases, pest that grow from the ground. Take aphids and weeds for example. These two pests are a big concern this time of year. Especially aphids because they are everywhere. Due to the rainy and cool weather this year, aphids are popping up all over the landscape – they can be seen on rose bushes, aspen, Norway maple and other plants. Usually the weather conditions around the middle of June cause aphids to decline, however that is not the case this year.

If you are worried that your plants are at risk, rest assured that aphids are more of a nuisance than a serious threat to your landscaping plants. Your trees and shrubs will endure but on roses, if there is heavy infestation, it can make the leaves look mottled since the aphids suck the sap out of them. To get rid of an aphid infestation before Mother Nature has her way, simply apply a soapy solution on the underside of the roses. You can use a 1 quart spray bottle with 1 tablespoon of Ivory liquid. Spray then return in 2 hours, if the aphids are still at it, repeat the process.

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Creating a Relaxing Backyard Oasis

If you are looking for ways to turn your backyard into a relaxing outdoor living space, here are 3 suggestions that may inspire you to give Lifescape Associates in Denver a call.

1. Create a theme. You want all elements of your landscape design to work together to create a distinct theme or sense of place. That includes your plants, structures, and hardscaping.

2. Don’t forget about privacy. You may be a sociable person and you absolutely can use your outdoor oasis to entertain guests, but do remember to incorporate special design to ensure privacy.  There are bound to be days where you want a quiet moment to yourself. Examples: tall plants, fences, pergolas and etc.

3. Use outdoor structures to define spaces. You can have a large gazebo for entertaining or you might like a small solid-roof arbor for a reading spot. Whatever activities you enjoy outside, you can have a specific structure designed to define that area.

Watch out for Sprinkler System Issues

Most homeowners out here in the great state of Colorado run their sprinkler system overnight. However, when they do this, they never get to see if the system is working correctly or not. With temperatures in the 90-degree range like they have been for the past few days, all sprinkler issues will start to show up very quickly in lawn conditions across the state.

Here is an example of sprinkler issues: if your sprinkler has been watering the street more than your lawn, don’t be surprised when you begin to see brown spots in the grass where the water has been missing the mark. Perhaps one of your sprinklers has gone missing or maybe one has clogged.  All of these sprinkler problems can be avoided or have simple fixes if you deal with them in a timely manner. If not, your lawn will suffer. So take a few moments this weekend to watch your sprinklers run. Look for areas that the water may be missing then simply adjust the sprinklers to hit right on target.

If you see signs of deeper trouble, contact Lifescape Associates in Denver. We’ll be happy to diagnose any issues and treat your landscape back to health.

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Designing Intimate Outdoor Spaces

For those who live in the city or simply have a small landscape, small intimate outdoor spaces are needed to still be able to connect with nature and simply enjoy your outdoor environment. Having a small landscape or outdoor area does not have to prevent you from enjoying a relaxing area to sit and read, people watch, enjoy a garden or the calming sounds of water. Many urban residences have small courtyards, patios, balconies or terraces that can be transformed into the perfect intimate outdoor space. And for homeowners who have a tiny backyard, for a professional landscape architect, a little green space can go a long way.

Lifescape Associates can design your landscape or outdoor space no matter how small. We blend architecture, people and nature into a functional and pleasing landscape environment because we know it pays to have an outdoor space where you and your family can enjoy life to the fullest.