Sustainability is more than just a beautifully designed and installed landscape; it is an ongoing horticultural process. Trees, shrubs and turf improve air quality, protect water quality, reduce heat buildup, reduce soil erosion and increase water retention. Lifescape is proud to be an innovator as a Sustainable Landscape Charter Partner with the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado and we utilize WaterSense irrigation systems certified to be the highest in water savings from the EPA
Our maintenance division continues their commitment to sustainable practices through use of the following:

  • Innovative water management with evapotranspiration (ET) smart controllers, homeowner weather systems on each controller, low-flow heads and potential computer-based remote flow monitoring and shut-off
  • Indigenous and drought-resistant plants (perennials versus annuals)
  • Organic soil amendments and herbicides
  • LED low voltage lighting
  • Permeable pavers
  • Aligned with USGBC and LEED certifications

Concerned about potential drought conditions?
Another great way to conserve water and maintain a beautiful landscape is to consider Xeriscape. With Colorado’s semi-arid climate, water-wise landscaping uses low-water-use plants to create a sustainable landscape. Did you know that in order to help make low-water-use in landscaping an easily recognized concept Denver Water coined the word “Xeriscape” in 1981?

According to Denver Water there are seven principles to the Xeriscape concept: “….planning and designing, limiting turf areas, selecting and zoning plants appropriately, improving the soil, using mulch, irrigating efficiently and maintaining the landscape”.
– Denver Water

Designed properly, Xeriscape can be easy to care for, colorful and lush.