3 Ways to make your Landscape Design Standout

Landscape design can be very diverse and “out of the box”, however most of what we see in many neighborhoods are the status quo designs. And that is perfectly fine and beautiful, but if you want to use your landscape to display your spirited and fearless style approach, here are 3 ways to make your landscape standout.

1.Give formal structure a sly sense of humor.

Photo Credit: Lisa Hubbard via countryliving.com

The beautiful trees are like living exclamation points that punctuate the landscape with elegant wit.


2. Pedestrian Plants can add wow to your front yard.

Photo Credit: Lisa Hubbard via countryliving.com

Surround a path with a beautiful variety of green pedestrian plants that provide an evergreen ground cover that will shine all year round.


3. Think outside of box like hedges.

Photo Credit: Lisa Hubbard via countryliving.com

It’s perfectly fine to use something different for a hedge rather than the usual prim and proper suspects. Try a hedge that has more of a musical effect, composed of tall and smaller, breezy grasses.

What are some “out of the box” ideas you have for your Denver area landscape?


Source: Country Living

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