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Help Your Yard Flourish With Proper Winter Landscape Care

Just because winter has arrived in Colorado doesn’t mean that you can forget your home’s garden and landscaping for the season. Ongoing landscape maintenance is necessary during the winter months to have an eye-catching winter landscape and to help your garden and yard thrive come spring and summer. Neglecting winter landscape care can damage your investment in plantings and landscaping and make it difficult to get back on track come spring.

Winter Landscape Care from Lifescape Colorado

Our team at Lifescape Colorado can help you with all of your winter landscaping needs and help you create a yard that offers year-round appeal. Here are a few ways that we can help to make your winter landscape shine and and prepare for a bountiful spring:

1. Water plant material.

The plants and shrubs in your Colorado landscape need moisture to be able to survive the cold winter months. Our climate tends to produce mild and dry winters. Even though we get a lot of snow here in Denver, 12 inches of snow only equates to 1 inch of water, so we can’t count on natural precipitation to water our plantings. New plantings and trees often require supplemental water. Appropriate irrigation is important for winter landscape care, and our landscape professionals at Lifescape Colorado can help you to determine your watering needs.

2. Prune dormant trees.

Winter is the ideal time to shape up dormant trees and keep them healthy by pruning them. Make a point to remove any dead, damaged, or diseased limbs that take away from your home’s beauty or that could be damaged by heavy snow and ice. You can even save your clippings for seasonal decor around your home.

3. Mulch now, benefit all year long.

We are currently adding mulch to our clients’ landscapes to reduce winter injury to plants, retain moisture and help with weed control in the spring. Mulch also contributes to soil health and fertility and helps prevent erosion or mechanical injury from lawn equipment.

4. Install landscape lighting.

Brighten up your winter landscape and help fight seasonal doldrums by installing landscape lighting. We offer energy efficient lighting solutions that will give your yard an ambient glow and offer a myriad of benefits, from safety to aesthetic appeal.

Contact us at Lifescape Colorado to learn more about our winter landscaping services to help your yard reach its fullest potential.

Beat the Spring Rush for Landscape Design-Build Projects

Spring is the busiest time of year for landscape installations and design-build projects. As the temperatures warm up, Denver residents are thinking about outdoor entertaining and ways to improve their landscape. Because of the influx of calls that landscape companies receive in the spring, it may take longer to get started on and complete your project.


Winter, on the other hand, tends to be the slowest season. As we begin 2018, you can get a jump start on your landscape design and construction project and benefit from having the undivided attention of experienced architects.

How Our Design-Build Process Works

Our landscape architects at Lifescape Colorado have more than 40 years of experience in designing and building custom residential and commercial projects. We begin the design-build process by walking the project site with our client to gather information about goals and discuss high-level design ideas. We then take this information to draft a conceptual landscape plan that is within the client’s budget. Once the design and construction plans are approved by the client, we begin construction. Each project has a foreman and operations manager on site to ensure that construction goes smoothly.

As you can see, multiple steps go into the landscape design-build process, and getting started early in the year will help to expedite your project.

Benefits of Beating the Spring Rush with Your Design-Build Project

Another advantage to beating the spring rush with your landscape design and build project is that you’ll get to maximize your enjoyment of the finished product. By starting early, you can begin enjoying your new installation as soon as the temperatures in Colorado begin to warm up. Being proactive and starting your landscape project in January or February can also save you money.

Don’t wait! Take advantage of this slower season in landscape design and contact us at Lifescape Colorado to learn more about our design-build process and get your project started early.

Let Lifescape Provide Full-Service Landscape Maintenance in 2018

A well-maintained landscape improves curb appeal and can help to increase property value by as much as 15 percent. In terms of livability, professional landscaping provides an attractive environment for outdoor entertaining and relaxing. Will 2018 be the year that you finally get the yard of your dreams?

Lifescape Colorado Offers Full-Service Landscape Maintenance

Our team at Lifescape Colorado has more than 40 years of experience with providing comprehensive landscape maintenance services to protect your yard and help it reach its full potential. We understand that professional landscape design is an investment (and one of your property’s best assets), and our expert staff of horticulturalists and technicians will make your Colorado landscape thrive.

We offer a variety of landscape maintenance services that will beautify your landscape, enhance the enjoyment of your outdoor spaces and save you a lot of time. These include weekly options with garden, irrigation and turf services among others.

Let Us Help You Bring Your Existing Landscape Back to Life

Do you want to bring your existing landscape back to life? Our experts can help restore beauty, life, and functionality to your existing plantings. When you are ready for upgrades, we can help you with custom design, rich hardscapes, landscape lighting, water features and more.

We’re also passionate about sustainability, and our ongoing landscape maintenance services include utilizing smart irrigation. Our experts use smart irrigation controllers to conserve water, which helps the environment and saves you money.



In Colorado, we experience four beautiful seasons, so we help you maintain your landscape throughout the year. Think of the time you can gain to spend doing the things you love, while you allow us to do what we love! We’ll even help you with snow removal.

Contact us at Lifescape Colorado to learn how we can provide you with comprehensive landscape care so that you can have a yard that you’re proud of all year long.


Resolve to Enjoy the Outdoors in 2018

A new year offers new possibilities and the opportunity to start fresh. As you establish New Year’s resolutions for 2018, we encourage you to make enjoying the outdoors one of your goals for the year.

Whether skiing the snow-capped mountains in the winter, biking trails during the summer, or just enjoying a beautiful view, Colorado residents are fortunate to be able to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors all year-round. In Denver, being outdoors is a way of life, and the possibilities for enjoying the Colorado landscape are endless.

Lifescape Colorado was founded in 1976 by a team that is passionate about the outdoors and the beauty that our local landscape offers. This year we’ll be celebrating our 42nd anniversary of serving Colorado residents and businesses with all of their landscape design, project construction, and ongoing landscape maintenance needs. Our clients have come to trust us for the high level of quality and attention to detail that we bring to each project and we hope you are one of them!


We are here to help!

Allow our team at Lifescape Colorado to help you fulfill your resolution by creating outdoor spaces that beckon you to be outside enjoying your landscape. With our design-build model, your ideal outdoor entertaining space will become a reality. We can help you create an eclectic outdoor living room, install a lush garden or add a fireplace or fire pit for year-round enjoyment. We invite you to browse through some of our previous designs for inspiration, or we can help you come up with a custom design. The options are limitless.


Preserve and enjoy your environment.

Having a passion for the environment, we value sustainability and are an industry leader with our green-friendly designs and water-saving initiatives.

Contact us at Lifescape Colorado to learn more about how we can help you to fulfill your mission to spend more time outdoors in 2018.

Sending Warm Holiday Wishes from Lifescape Colorado

Happy Holidays from Lifescape Colorado!

As another year comes to a close, we’re reflecting on the various clients throughout Colorado that we’ve had the pleasure of helping in 2017. We’re thankful that you’ve entrusted us to design, construct, and maintain your beautiful gardens, landscapes, and hardscapes. We hope that we’ve been able to add a little beauty to your life and a little enjoyment to your lifestyle!

As you gather with family and friends to celebrate the holidays, we hope you’ll take a moment to appreciate the beauty that the Colorado landscape offers. Stroll through the neighborhood to admire the holiday light displays and cozy up with a loved one by your outdoor fire pit.

We’re honored to be able to say that we’ve been serving as a trusted landscape advisor since 1976, and we look forward to continuing to serve clients throughout Colorado for many years to come! Thank you for allowing us to do what we love.

From our family to yours, happy holidays from Lifescape Colorado!