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Small Spaces, Big Plans

Small Spaces

The area around your home is important, regardless of the size. In fact, some of the best outdoor living areas can be created in small spaces. Just be sure to keep a few things in mind:


Plan to Your Particulars – The space you have is ideal for anything you have in mind, so long as you design to scale and make the best use of the area. This could include using creative illusions to trick the eye into seeing a bigger space.

Small Spaces



Pick the Right Plants – Our landscape experts can help you choose the perfect plants; to add texture, variety, color with plantings and to make sure they do not overwhelm the area.





 Small Spaces

Color is Key – Bright colors can grab the eye, bringing the space alive while allowing for the rest of the landscape to recede in the background and divide the space.

Create a Zone – Hedges can section off an area with surprises around each corner or circular seating around a fire pit can produce destination points within your backyard.



Small Spaces



Use the Height – Make use of the vertical space with dwarf varieties of shrubs and trees that grow up instead of out. You can also incorporate a vertical garden to fill a bare fence or a blank wall.




The landscape experts at Lifescape can help you create, build and maintain your landscape. Call 303.831.8310 and set up your consultation today.

Plan For Spring With Lifescape




The Old Farmer’s Almanac is calling for consistent cold weather in the greater Denver area with the snowiest period in mid- to late-February. This means ample time indoors to gaze outside and consider what your landscape can look like once spring shows up. The best way to beat the winter blues is to plan for spring and Lifescape’s five stage process effectively delivers high-quality designs and results.



Initial Consultation – Walking the space and developing a plan is vital to any successful project as well as assessing what has worked in the past and what you want it to look like going forward.


Design and Investment Analysis – These two go hand in hand, and our design-build process saves time and money as our award-winning landscape architects, and designers work directly with our construction team.


Plan for SpringConstruction Planning – Lifescape is a recognized industry leader when it comes to sustainability and water-saving initiatives. Future maintenance requirements are also taken into account early, so it’s not a concern later.

Project Construction – We are proud to be a Sustainable Landscape Charter Partner with the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado and incorporate eco-friendly practices while fulfilling the design goals.

Plan for Spring


Aftercare and Maintenance – Our services are customized for projects of all sizes, protecting your investment with maintenance horticulture expert dedicated to ensuring the health of your landscape.


 Contact Lifescape at 303.831.8310 or stop by our offices slightly south off of Platte River Drive and speak with one of our landscape design experts about what you want to see in the spring or horticulture experts on help caring for your landscape.


Lifescape’s 41st Anniversary

For the past 40 years, Lifescape served as a pioneer of innovation in Colorado’s design-build landscape market.

Lifescape Wins NALP Grand National Award


As we begin our 41st year, we are still a recognized landscape industry leader, winning a Grand National Award at LANDSCAPES, the signature event for National Association of Landscape Professionals. This will be our first full year in a new location which allows all of our services to reside in the same space, making it easy for customers to learn more about our design and construction options as well as our maintenance services dedicated to ensuring the health of your landscape.



Regardless of the service, Lifescape features a company commitment to sustainable practices including water efficient irrigation practices, LED lighting installations, xeric plant pallets and working with sustainable building materials all while maintaining a beautifully designed and installed landscape.

Dan DeGrush right and John Buchanan with Colorado Design Consortium won a CARE Award from HBA for Landscape Remodel.


Your landscape will be crafted by an experienced team of professionals with a growing list of accomplishments within the industry. Just last year, landscape architect Dan DeGrush was awarded a gold medal at the Colorado Awards for Remodeling Excellence (CARE) Awards and project manager Brant Zirker was named Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado (ALCC) ELITE awards company MVP in March.


While looking towards the first signs of spring underneath the snow, Lifescape will look for new and exciting ways to continue to create and maintain a stunning landscape that will set your yard apart. We encourage you to visit our new location and look forward to working with clients for the next 40 years.


Hardscapes for New Year

Freshen Up Your Hardscapes!

DSC_4652_SM (1)


For over 40 years Lifescape has offered Colorado residents remarkable landscape design and master planning to provide a year-round outdoor living space. We not only design but construct and maintain all of our projects and with the freeze-thaw climate creating cracks in concrete, winter can be a perfect time to begin construction on hardscapes that will increase the beauty of your home and the value of the property. Here are a few hardscape options to consider:


Walkways, Patios, Driveways 

 Whether it’s creating an outdoor living space in your backyard, replacing cracked concrete driveway or reconstructing the walk to your front door; Belgard pavers have proven to hold up to our harsh climate, not crack or separate while providing limitless color and pattern options to complement your home and landscape easily.

 Porcelain Tile by Mirage 

This beautiful Italian tile can be used to create an elegant back patio with clean lines as it is produced ¾” thick.  It is a high-end look with a price tag of less than natural stone.  Consider this product for a space that you want a clean or modern look.  There are many colors, textures, and sizes to select from that vary from a natural stone look to a beautiful wood grain.

Permeable Pavers 

Do you have large trees to work around or want to be green in your landscape?  Have you considered permeable pavers that can filter and direct stormwater back into the earth and help local groundwater supplies?

Let our experts help you design, construct and maintain the ideal hardscape for your home with a paver system that will blend seamlessly with your Colorado landscape. Call 303.831.8310 to set up your consultation today.

Looking Back at 2016

Before making proclamations and promises for the New Year, let’s take a moment to look back on some of the highlights from an amazing 2016.

Lifescape Anniversary

A celebration 40 years in the making

Lifescape has been recognized as a high-touch landscape architecture, construction, and maintenance company and this past year marked 40 years of crafting a reputation for creative and sustainable designs, installation, and maintenance for residential and commercial projects.

A new location!

The company’s success created growth, so much so that the location in the Rhino district became too small to house all our departments. After an exhaustive search, and renovations to our new location , we opened our new offices slightly south off of Platte River Drive.

Dan DeGrush right and John Buchanan with Colorado Design Consortium won a CARE Award from HBA for Landscape Remodel.

Dan DeGrush right and John Buchanan with Colorado Design Consortium won a CARE Award from HBA for Landscape Remodel.

Individual Accolades

In March, Brant Zirker was named this year’s Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado (ALCC) ELITE awards company MVP for constantly going above and beyond the call of duty for each and every client. Six months later at the Colorado Awards for Remodeling Excellence (CARE) Awards, landscape architect Dan DeGrush was awarded a gold medal for his work with the Colorado Design Consortium.

Lifescape Wins NALP Grand National Award LANDSCAPES

Company-wide Awards

In June, Colorado Homes and Lifestyles Magazine gave Home of the Year Honors to our work on nearly 8,000 square feet of outdoor deck and patio space at a Pikes Peak property. Four months later at LANDSCAPES, the signature event for National Association of Landscape Professionals, Lifescape won a Grand National Award for our work on the Polo Club Villa project.

We would love to share the secrets to our success with you. For more information about creating something special for 2017, contact us today at 303.831.8310 or stop by our new location.