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Planting Bulbs for Beautiful Spring Color in Your Landscape

If you were strategic and used the fall months to plan ahead for your spring garden, you’re likely already benefiting from the arrival of early spring tulips, daffodils, crocus, hyathicin, and allium. If you didn’t have a chance to plant bulbs this past fall, spring is the ideal time to plant summer-blooming beauties such as dahlia and gladiolus.

Plan now and plant early to enjoy the best spring color

To get the earliest spring color and to maximize the length of your bloom times, you’ll need bulbs in your landscape!  Most bulbs get planted in the fall before the ground is frozen.  Tulips, daffodils and other make spring vibrant with early blooming and bright, beautiful colors. Make sure to let us know which ones you love so we can plant those for you in the fall!

Best Practices for Planting Bulbs

Getting great results from bulbs involves several important factors. Choosing quality bulbs, selecting the right varieties, planting in well-drained soil in a location with proper sunlight and other efforts can help ensure a successful garden and a beautiful landscape. The Lifescape Team of experts can help make sure that your gardens are planned and planted for the best possible results.

Use a Quality Soil and Water Properly

Healthy bulbs are most successful when paired with healthy soil. We’re big believers in improving the soil with compost and other organic matter to develop a rich environment that is conducive to healthy plant growth. Your bulbs are also going to require proper water management. Make sure your irrigation system is set up properly to avoid situations of too much or too little moisture.

Our team at Lifescape Colorado can help you enjoy a stunning garden that will continue to welcome you to the spring season year after year. We have horticulturalists, irrigation specialists, talented designers and other licensed and certified professionals. Contact us to learn how we can help you enhance your Colorado landscape today.

Outdoor Technology Trends to Enhance Your Colorado Landscape

Spring is officially here, and Coloradans are looking for opportunities to spend more time outdoors. While the Denver area has an abundance of restaurants with outdoor patios, you won’t want to leave your home once you spruce up your outdoor entertaining space with the latest outdoor technology.

Here are several emerging outdoor technology trends to take note of:

Weatherproof TVs

Complete your outdoor living spaces by adding a weatherproof TV that is equipped to withstand the Colorado climate. SunBriteTV is engineered for the outdoors and offers a 4K viewing experience. Opting for a TV designed especially for the outdoors also means that the screen is 30 percent brighter than traditional indoor TVs, which provides an optimal viewing experience in an outdoor environment.

Hidden Outdoor Speakers

Technology should enhance the ambiance of your outdoor entertaining space rather than take away from it. Strategically placing concealed outdoor satellite speakers around the perimeter of your space can allow you to enjoy your favorite music without the appearance of bulky technology. Garden beds and planters throughout your yard serve as the perfect areas to conceal speakers. Your landscape designer can also recommend decorative speakers that blend in with the surroundings, such as speakers made by Rockustics that match hardscaping for a seamless appearance.

Smart Irrigation Controllers

If you appreciate smart technology, you need to consider an innovative water management solution through an evapotranspiration (ET) smart controller. This technology is linked to local weather systems to ensure efficient irrigation by utilizing low-flow sprinkler heads and computer-based remote flow monitoring and shut-off.

All of this outdoor technology can be tied to your smart home system to create a functional and energy efficient entertaining space and landscape.

Contact the experts at Lifescape to learn how we can help you enhance the enjoyment of your home and yard by incorporating these outdoor technology trends into your Colorado landscape design.

Ready to Begin the Process of Waking Up Your Landscape for Spring?

The spring season is officially here, and if you haven’t already done so, it’s time to begin the process of waking up your landscape.

Knowing where to get started with waking up your Colorado landscape from its long winter nap is key. Here is a helpful guide for breathing life back into your landscape so that you can have a yard that you’re proud to show off this spring:

Tips for Waking Up Your Landscape in Colorado

Aerate, Fertilize, and De-Thatch Turf

To achieve a healthy lawn, you need to make sure that nutrients are able to reach the soil beneath your grass. Removing built-up thatch and aerating your lawn will alleviate soil compaction and allow roots to receive the air, water, and nutrients necessary to grow healthy grass. Early spring is the ideal time of year to aerate your lawn as its the prime growing season, which will allow the grass to heal and fill in any open areas once the soil plugs are removed. Fertilizing after aerating will help your lawn to reach its fullest potential.

Apply Pre-Emergents to Turf and Plant Beds

Applying pre-emergents (weed suppression) to your lawn and plant beds early in the season will help you to keep a variety weeds under control.

Inspect the Irrigation System

Proper irrigation is critical to the success of your landscape, and now is the ideal time of year to make sure your irrigation system is up to par for supporting your watering needs. We make sure that the controller is in working order, remove dirt and debris from sprinkler heads, inspect for leaks and other wear and tear, and check the water pressure. Now is also a great time to upgrade to a more efficient irrigation system that utilizes an evapotranspiration (ET) smart controller and low-flow sprinkler heads to conserve water.

Cut Back Perennials and Shrubs

Cutting back perennials and shrubs will promote a healthy landscape and encourage new growth. As a rule of thumb, you’ll want to do this pruning in early spring while the perennials and shrubs are still dormant.

Remove Tree Wrap

While wrap can help to protect your trees from the harsh Colorado winters, you’ll want to remove it come spring to prevent the growth of fungus and other toxins.

Add Mulch

Once you’ve given the soil a chance to warm, you’ll want to add mulch to plant beds to help them retain moisture and suppress weed growth.

Engaging a professional to assist in the process of waking up your landscape for spring is a wise decision, whether you have a green thumb or not. Contact the experts at Lifescape Colorado to learn how we can help you nurture your landscape so that it thrives this spring and summer.

Lifescape Colorado Featured in Colorado Homes & Lifestyles

Lifescape Colorado is pleased to have been recently featured in Colorado Homes & Lifestyles for one of our vibrant outdoor landscape designs that features a front-row seat to Colorado’s dynamic natural beauty. Read the entire article here:

Colorado Homes & Lifestyles Article Reveals Showstopping Landscape Re-Design

Our Denver landscape design firm was engaged more than a decade ago by the previous homeowner to design an outdoor space that accentuates the beauty of Colorado’s natural landscape, and the home received an award from the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado for its innovative landscape design. New homeowners have since moved in and wanted to update the landscape to make it their own, and partnering with Lifescape Colorado seemed like a natural choice as we completed the original design.

We enhanced the existing design by removing overgrown junipers and a weathered gazebo, re-working existing stone walls and adding xeric plantings such as dogwoods and rabbitbrush to offer an all-season explosion of color. To offer warmth and a continuous flow throughout the landscape, we added ornamental grasses and evergreens.

Along the side of the house is a waterfall that cascades into pockets and meanders around large granite boulders before arriving in koi pond that sits on the edge of the property. Patio seating was strategically added to the end of this stream so that the homeowners could enjoy the sounds of the cascading waterfall.

Perhaps the most impressive addition to this landscape design is the grand outdoor fireplace and seating area that compliments the natural setting and views. The dynamic backdrop of this serene and intimate setting make it the perfect year-round destination for drinks by the fire.

Let Us Help You Create Your Own Vibrant Outdoor Space

If you’re interested in learning more about this landscape design showstopper featured in Colorado Homes & Lifestyles, please contact us at Lifescape Colorado. Our team would be more than happy to speak with you about this design and discuss how we can help you to create a vibrant outdoor space of your own.

Designing the Perfect Small Outdoor Space

While a small outdoor space may feel limiting at first, it doesn’t have to be. In fact, some of the most desirable outdoor living spaces in Denver have been created in small spaces.

As you plan your landscape for the spring season, we encourage you to keep the following things in mind:

  1. Design to scale for your small outdoor space.

Your outdoor space can be designed to accommodate anything you have in mind as long as you consider scale and make the best use of the area. A landscape professional can help you to incorporate design illusions to help the space feel larger.

  1. Choose the right plants.

Plant selection plays a role in preventing a space from feeling overwhelming. Carefully think through your plantings to ensure that they’re appropriate for a smaller space and offer the right balance of texture, variety, and color.

  1. Use color to your advantage.

Color will help to make your outdoor space come alive and can also be used to divide the space into zones. Use color to define destination points within your backyard, such as outdoor dining or around the fire pit. 

  1. Gain privacy through height.  

Make the most of the vertical space within your garden by adding trees and shrubs that grow up instead of out. Vertical space can provide you with privacy and add a point of interest to a bare fence or blank wall.

By embracing these landscaping tips, you can make the most of your small outdoor space and achieve an eye-catching design. Our team of landscape professionals at Lifescape Colorado can help you with a custom landscape solution that best meets the needs of your space and budget. Contact us to get started on your next landscape project today!