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Best Container Vegetables for Winter Gardens

When winter hits Colorado, you can still bring your own homegrown vegetables to the table. Container gardening provides an easy and convenient way to continue growing many types of produce even when your regular garden beds have frozen. Here are some vegetables to consider growing this winter.


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This vitamin packed super food is easy to grow and tolerates cool temperatures. When extreme weather hits, you can simply move it inside or put it in a cold frame. Like many other greens, you can harvest several kale leaves as you need them and the plant will sprout new growth for later consumption. In addition to providing exceptional nutrition, kale can add textural interest to your container garden.

snow peas

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Peas can be enjoyed in salads, casseroles or just as a tasty vegetable side, and they grow well in containers into the colder winter months. As a cool weather crop, they grow best in cooler temperatures and stop producing by late spring or early summer.


Source: Wikimedia Commons


Like many greens, this spicy salad green is easy to grow in containers. Its dainty edible flowers can also add extra visual interest to your container garden design.


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Most varieties of lettuce can be grown in containers. If you want a quicker harvest, choose a fast growing variety, such as Jade Gem, which can supply you with fresh salad throughout the cooler months. Besides being versatile and easy to grow and harvest, lettuce can be grown in more shallow containers than many other vegetables.

baby carrots

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Root vegetables, like carrots, need deeper containers than the other vegetables mentioned above, but as long as they are given sufficient space and enough soil to stay warm, carrots do fine as a container garden vegetable.

Let us do the work and help you enjoy fresh vegetables all year long. Our talented crew at Lifescape Colorado enjoys creating beautiful and functional container gardens for our customers. Whether you want a vegetable container garden or you prefer festive container arrangements to match the season, contact Lifescape Colorado for a consultation today.

Why Yuccas are Our Best Friend

yucca plant

Source: Landscape Architecture Blog

Known as “some of the toughest plants in the kingdom,” yucca plants can bring a lot to landscapes while only asking for a little in return. Incredibly drought-tolerant and low-maintenance, yuccas have fleshy roots like succulents that allow this family of plants to store water in order to survive even in the driest of spells. But there is more to these plants besides drought durability.

As Mike Kintgen, Senior horticulturist at Denver Botanic Gardens, told the Denver Post,  “…there are few plants that can give the architectural oomph yuccas have when you get the right one in the right spot.”

The yucca family includes several species with striking colors, shapes and sizes. The rosette of bell-shaped flowers, which bloom out from a tall stalk in the center of the plant, are sometimes called flor de izote, the national flower of El Salvador.

yucca flower

Source: Landscape Architecture Blog

All yuccas need to become an eye-catching focal point is full sun and plenty of room for their dramatic silhouette. As the Drought Smart Plants blog says, yuccas look best with ample space to spread their sword-shaped leaves.

yucca drought tolerant

Source: Drought Smart Plants

And as LA Times writer Jeff Spurrier says, yuccas add interest with age, too.

“As the plant gets older, the base of the grayish trunk swells, taking on the primeval look of an elephant’s foot. The stalk that produces flowers will die back, but the plant will continue to send up new pups and side spears that will flower.”

Do you have yuccas? Which species do you have and Where are they located in your landscape? Share your experience with these tough but beautiful plants in the comment section below.


The landscape architecture and design team here at Lifescape in Colorado has the experience and expertise to create Colorado landscapes that are beautiful and low-maintenance year round. Contact us today to find out how we can help turn your yard into a beautifully-landscaped space.

Bring your Landscape to Life at Night with Lighting

Many homeowners tend to look at landscape lighting as more functional than aesthetic. Truthfully, light in your landscape does serve a functional purpose, however, lighting can also give your outdoor rooms mood, spotlight special landscape features, and enhance beautiful landscape work.

Tuscan outdoor roomThe uplighting highlights the Tuscan inspired fountain beautifully while the crystal chandelier gives this outdoor dining room an elegant, yet romantic glow.

Landscape lighting uplighting on fountain

Landscape lighting is especially important for your garden also.  Adding a calming glow and a serene atmosphere, your garden light fixtures can add to the fantastical nature of your garden setting.

Garden lightingLighting in the landscape brings a lively glow that creates a safer yard with beauty and grace.

Are you having difficulty creating the yard you have always wanted? If you live in the Denver, Boulder, or Aurora, CO area, contact a designer at Lifescape by calling 303-831-8310.

Don’t forget these Winter Lawn Care Tips

During the winter season in Colorado, while much of the landscape is dormant and the ground is frozen, it can be easy to forget that your landscape still needs care. Since you are not really mowing the lawn and trying to plant a garden, that’s no reason to bypass winter lawn care. Take a look at a few tips you don’t want to forget this winter season.

checking soil moisture

Checking soil moisture. Photo Credit:

Turf mites and winter kill can be a problem over the winter months. If there are long periods were there is no precipitation, lawns can dry out and decline. It will help if you put a note on your calendar to check your lawn’s soil moisture each month and water as needed, of course if the ground is not frozen. And remember to pay special attention to south and west facing areas, these areas will dry out faster. Slope are another area that needs more frequent checking because they also dry out faster than flat areas.

Have you started to preparing your Denver landscape for winter yet?








A Great Fall Season

Tree in City Park in DenverThe fall season is a wonderful time here in Colorado because for those of us who are out in the landscape, whether a gardener or a landscape contractor, in this season the work is getting started, yet  there is a wind down for the slow season to come.

If you are a gardener, you’ve more than likely already harvested your urban goodies like the tomatoes, green beans, and herbs to either the freezer or canning jars. Us landscape contractors have been readying the land for winter doing everything from irrigation shut offs to the final mow and leaf clean up. And the last of the trees have been or are being planted now.

It’s a great season to enjoy before the dormancy of winter. What are you looking forward to for your Denver area landscape this fall?


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