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Celebrate Smart Irrigation Month in Colorado

With July and its hot temperatures and dry weather here in Colorado, we want to make you aware that July is also Smart Irrigation Month. Considering that droughts are unavoidable, it’s imperative that you make wise design and irrigation choices to keep your landscape healthy while also conserving water.

Here are several smart irrigation tips to help you curb your water usage and save money while also maintaining a healthy and lush landscape:

Smart Irrigation MonthPlan ahead and design your system properly.

Before you put a shovel to the ground to design your irrigation system, have your system properly designed with your property’s specific needs in mind. What pressure and flow do you have? Design proper hydro zones as turf has different watering needs than planting beds. Proper head-to-head coverage and zoning will ensure that the specific plant or turf gets the proper amount of water and will help to alleviate dry or wet spots.

Smart Irrigation MonthTake advantage of drip irrigation.

The risk of spraying water into the air is that some of the water will evaporate before it reaches the ground, leaving your plants thirsty. A drip irrigation system is an effective alternative for flowerbeds and non-grassy areas as it keeps water close to the ground, which allows the water to penetrate the soil.

Water when temperatures are the coolest.

By limiting watering to the coolest times of the day–early morning and evening hours–you’ll minimize the risk of water evaporating and not reaching your plants.

Use smart controllers.

A smart controller takes the guesswork out of how much water your landscape needs and ensures efficient irrigation. This technology uses information about your Colorado landscape such as its size, type of soil, plant type, the amount of sunlight, and level of rainfall to most accurately determine the optimal watering schedules.

Smart Irrigation MonthMaintain your irrigation system.

Regularly confirm that sprinkler heads and other components of your irrigation system are working to prevent damage to plants and minimize the risk of a high water bill.

Your irrigation choices are essential to the success and longevity of your landscape. Let Lifescape help you celebrate Smart Irrigation Month with our drought-friendly design upgrades and professional landscape maintenance to keep your yard looking its best.

Contact Lifescape today to learn more about making smart irrigation choices and the additional services that we offer for water-wise landscaping in Colorado.



Vote Lifescape for Outstanding Water Feature

Outstanding Water Feature

We are happy to announce that we are up for the National Association of Landscaping Professionals People’s Choice Award for Outstanding Water Feature on Houzz! We won a grand award last year for this project, so let’s do it again this year!

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Got Cracked Concrete?

When it comes to designing a stunning backyard that pulls both residents and guests alike to the outdoors, it’s only natural that the landscape plays a leading role. However, a critical component to not overlook is the path that connects the home to key outdoor spaces.

Cracked Concrete

HardscapesCracked Concrete

Hardscapes are the pathways that connect the home to the garden, outdoor entertaining space, and driveway. Although we’re still months away from winter in Colorado, it’s important to consider how materials react to our freeze-thaw climate. Certain materials will crack and create blemishes that take away from the landscape’s beauty. These flaws are difficult to conceal and expensive to correct.

Belgard HardscapesCracked Concrete

Lifescape has replaced many concrete driveways, walkways, and patios that have cracked due to harsh climate conditions and landscape-related factors. When considering paver systems to use for hardscaping, the strong, durable, and environmentally-friendly products from Belgard have proven to be the optimal choice.

Cracked ConcreteWith so many options to choose from, a Belgard hardscape will complement your home and landscape, helping to pull your overall design together. Because Belgard Hardscapes are interlocking, the pavers do not crack and require little maintenance.

Cracked ConcreteLifescape is the only Belgard Master Craftsman in Colorado and an Authorized Belgard Contractor. Our crews have been trained and certified by the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI), and this expertise is invaluable when helping our clients select the right hardscaping solution for their landscape.

Whether you’re looking to design a beautiful landscape to enhance your property’s curb appeal, complete the construction for the design, or receive ongoing maintenance to extend the longevity of your landscape, Lifescape can help. Contact us to set up your free consultation today.

Designing with Ornamental Grasses

We have talked about flowers and trees but what about our beautiful grasses? Grass creates the foundation for most of our landscapes and incorporated correctly can be used to create colorful and amazing designs. Ornamental grasses are also a great way to add depth to your designs while keeping water consumption to a minimum.

 Blue Avena

Ornamental Grasses


This grass adds a great sense of texture and color with its blue foliage and tall flowering spikes. Blue Avena is a drought tolerant grass that can be mass planted or alone for accenting purposes. This is a great grass for a xeric landscape.

 Little Blue Stem

Ornamental Grasses

Source: Proven Winners

This natural beauty adds an array of colors through the summer months and is tolerant of multiple climate conditions from average in moisture to nearly arid. Little Blue Stem grass can thrive in acidic or alkaline soils and can establish quickly on disturbed soil. It is a perfect choice for landscapes with banks, slopes and trails.

 Buffalo Grass

Ornamental Grasses

Source: Stock Seed Farms

Sod-forming grasses like Buffalo is great low maintenance turf that long for the warm seasons. It is perhaps our only true native turf grass in America. It’s tolerance to droughts and extreme temperatures help it to survive harsh environmental conditions. Requiring 50% of the water requirements as that of blue grasses and fescues.

 Elijah Blue Grass

Ornamental Grasses

Source: White Flower Farm

Elijah Blue is a small, clumping grass. The soft blue foliage keeps its color year-round making this a top choice for grasses. Elijah Blue is prone to dry conditions and the drought tolerant grass makes it perfect for rock gardening. It also being small and compact in size makes this a great choice for adding to your containers.


Ornamental Grasses


This is an elegant grass to bring into your landscape for dimension, color and movement. Miscanthus for design purposes is considered to be very versatile. It can be used in a variety of ways from screening, planting in containers, to edging. It produces red plumes in early fall as well as almond colored foliage during the winter months.

 Feather Reed

Ornamental Grasses

Source: The Garden Factory


If you are in Colorado’s semiarid climate you may have a moderately moist garden. Feather Reed grass can be a great dramatic accent for your garden. This is an all-time favorite with its ever-changing hues throughout the seasons. Being very winter hardy it requires almost no care. It also is versatile and would go great in containers, on patios, or terraces.


If you are looking to branch out with your landscape this season let Lifescape help you to design, construct and maintain your landscape? Call 303-831-8310 to set up your consultation with our team of landscape experts today.






Organics and Your Landscape

It is no secret that we here at Lifescape pride ourselves on being green and sustainable. One of the many ways our maintenance division continues their commitment to sustainable practices is through the use of organic fertilizers and probiotics.




Probiotics are microorganisms used for their beneficial qualities for humans. More recently medicines have been introduced for that sole purpose. But have you heard about plant probiotics? Just as humans can benefit from the good bacteria, plants also benefit from certain microbes.


Water Efficient Landscapes



Using probiotics to fortify the soil food web and balance the soil ecosystem lead to stronger, more resilient plants. This way they better withstand insects, disease, and the Colorado climate. Because we specialize in water-efficient landscapes plant probiotics increase the uptake of nutrients while growing a deeper, more web-like root system.

Key Factors


Key factors to our organic fertilizers are definitely in our ingredients. These include things such as Kelp which is a seaweed known to help human metabolism. It also promotes seed germination, plant cell division and stimulates uptake of plant nutrients. Next, we have Yucca Extract. This edible plant from Mexico and the Caribbean serves as a natural spreader sticker, wetting agent, and soil conditioner. Other ingredients we use are a bit more complicated such as the following:

  • Endo & Ecto Mycorrhizae – Forming a symbiotic relationship between roots and fungus, it’s used to assist with water and nutrient uptake.
  • Humic & Fulvic Acids – This enhances seed germination and promotes root development while supporting respiration of microorganisms in the soil.
  • Concentrated Compost Tea – Slightly different than your morning beverage, it helps foster a biologically diverse soil ecosystem with indigenous microorganisms like protozoa and nematodes.


With the use of organics in your landscape, your plants will grow faster, and lawns will be greener. We offer an organics program as part of our maintenance and construction packages so that you can see these types of results in your garden.

Let Lifescape help you to design, construct and maintain your landscape? Call 303-831-8310 to set up your consultation with our team of landscape experts today.