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Colorado Homes & Lifestyle Magazine Top 5 Under 40!

Top 5 Under 40Lifescape is proud to announce that our very own LeAnn Ostheimer was named one of the Five Under 40 Design Stars for the Class of 2017 by Colorado Homes and Lifestyle Magazine.

LeAnn serves as Director of Design and Marketing at Lifescape and has been a valuable member of our team since 2006. The Colorado native studied landscape horticulture and design at Colorado State University and has had a passion for landscape architecture since she was a young girl growing up on a dairy and crop farm east of Fort Collins.

If you look at her portfolio, you’ll see that LeAnn has completed a diverse range of residential projects, from modern gardens to a miniature replica of the Gardens of Versailles. What she enjoys most about her job is that no two clients want the same thing, and each project that she takes on is an opportunity to prove to herself that she can achieve her client’s vision.

Please join us in congratulating LeAnn for this outstanding recognition, and contact us at Lifescape to learn more about our team of experienced professionals.


Lighting to Enhance Outdoor Entertaining

Outdoor entertaining in Colorado means social gatherings on the patio that linger well after the sun goes down. Considering the beautiful weather that comes our way this time of year, now is the perfect opportunity to re-visit your outdoor entertaining spaces and ensure that they’re up to par.Outdoor Entertaining

Plants, furniture, colors, and textures may be some of the most obvious design aspects that you’ll take note of when assessing your outdoor entertaining space. However, another important design element to consider is landscape lighting. A well-lit landscape will enhance the home’s curb appeal and allow for enjoyable outdoor entertaining here in Denver all evening long.Outdoor Entertaining

Here are several reasons why landscape lighting helps to create an ambiance that compliments evening outdoor entertaining:

1. Adding lighting extends the use of the outdoor entertaining space into the evening, which increases the function of the space and makes it more enjoyable. Not only does lighting contribute to the ambiance of the space, but it also provides safety for guests.Outdoor Entertaining

2. With so many LED fixture options to choose from, homeowners can find a style that best suits their tastes. LED fixtures offer up to a 15-year bulb life and use low wattage, which means less maintenance and more energy savings.Outdoor Entertaining

3. The possibilities of lighting pathways are endless, from adding up lights for trees to using under cap lights to highlight vertical surfaces. Use lighting to create focal points throughout the landscape or accent the architecture of the home.Outdoor Entertaining

4. New transformer technology allows homeowners to tie landscape lighting into their home automation system and zone their lights. Examples of zones include designated welcome, entertainment, and safety areas. Using a transformer and a fixture with programmable color technology will enhance the ambiance during the holidays.Outdoor Entertaining

Are you ready to spruce up your summer outdoor entertaining with landscape lighting? Contact our experts at Lifescape today. We can help you achieve a landscape lighting scheme that best accomplishes your goals and creates a welcoming environment for your guests to enjoy.

5280 Lunch & Learn








We are happy to announce that Lifescape and 5280 magazine teamed up to host a Lunch and Learn here at our Lifescape office. 5280 Home Editor-At-Large Cheryl Meyers moderated a panel featuring 6 PR experts who answered questions ranging from why PR is important to best practices when pitching media.

It was our pleasure to be able to get professionals in the design industry together and learn about something that can help our businesses grow. Thank you to all who were in attendance.

Celebrate Smart Irrigation Month in Colorado

With July and its hot temperatures and dry weather here in Colorado, we want to make you aware that July is also Smart Irrigation Month. Considering that droughts are unavoidable, it’s imperative that you make wise design and irrigation choices to keep your landscape healthy while also conserving water.

Here are several smart irrigation tips to help you curb your water usage and save money while also maintaining a healthy and lush landscape:

Smart Irrigation MonthPlan ahead and design your system properly.

Before you put a shovel to the ground to design your irrigation system, have your system properly designed with your property’s specific needs in mind. What pressure and flow do you have? Design proper hydro zones as turf has different watering needs than planting beds. Proper head-to-head coverage and zoning will ensure that the specific plant or turf gets the proper amount of water and will help to alleviate dry or wet spots.

Smart Irrigation MonthTake advantage of drip irrigation.

The risk of spraying water into the air is that some of the water will evaporate before it reaches the ground, leaving your plants thirsty. A drip irrigation system is an effective alternative for flowerbeds and non-grassy areas as it keeps water close to the ground, which allows the water to penetrate the soil.

Water when temperatures are the coolest.

By limiting watering to the coolest times of the day–early morning and evening hours–you’ll minimize the risk of water evaporating and not reaching your plants.

Use smart controllers.

A smart controller takes the guesswork out of how much water your landscape needs and ensures efficient irrigation. This technology uses information about your Colorado landscape such as its size, type of soil, plant type, the amount of sunlight, and level of rainfall to most accurately determine the optimal watering schedules.

Smart Irrigation MonthMaintain your irrigation system.

Regularly confirm that sprinkler heads and other components of your irrigation system are working to prevent damage to plants and minimize the risk of a high water bill.

Your irrigation choices are essential to the success and longevity of your landscape. Let Lifescape help you celebrate Smart Irrigation Month with our drought-friendly design upgrades and professional landscape maintenance to keep your yard looking its best.

Contact Lifescape today to learn more about making smart irrigation choices and the additional services that we offer for water-wise landscaping in Colorado.



Vote Lifescape for Outstanding Water Feature

Outstanding Water Feature

We are happy to announce that we are up for the National Association of Landscaping Professionals People’s Choice Award for Outstanding Water Feature on Houzz! We won a grand award last year for this project, so let’s do it again this year!

Please go and vote for Lifescape’s water feature! You can vote at the following link: